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Bob Manchester – On The Road in Texas

RideUKBmx just dropped a Bob Manchester Interview along with Bob’s “On The Road In Texas” Edit. Check out the video, read some of the excerpts then head over to RideUKBmx and check out some awesome photos and read the full interview.

You all might know Bob famously for his ridiculous turndowns, clicked tables, and massive jumps that he once had in his back yard. “Go big or go home”, are the famous 5 words you’ll hear from him, whether he’s on, or off his bike. Just before the end of last year, it was Bob’s Birthday. –RideUKBmx

Ride Bmx Uk bob manchester on the road in texas

What’s your favourite thing about Austin then?
There are just so many spots there, and they are within a 15-20 pedal from each other. The locals and people traveling through are sound and the nightlife is wild! Shakespeare bar will tear you apart. It’s a dream place to live.-Bob Manchester

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Morgan Wade’s Double Whip Slam

Here is some helmet cam footage from Morgan’s Double Whip Crash at the Kia World Extreme Games Mini Mega Ramp Comp.

Oops… So this was a double whip… Popped out a little and didn’t rotate enough… Ended up taking me out of the comp, but I’m glad I walked away! Notice the back rim taco when it hits. Wasn’t knocked out fully, just rang my bell really hard and might have bruised some ribs. Thanks for filming it for me @mitchiebrusco84! Sorry I didn’t put on a better show this time around. You can’t land them all! Haha Morgan Wade

Its official Morgan Wade wins this years “Tough As Nails” Awarded..

Music: A (Man O’ War)” by All Scars

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Supercars? Face tattoos? Luxury apartments? Champagne? You won’t find them here – this is about the slightly less glorified side of the BMX dream. Ride along with Hoffman, Crucial BMX Shop and Stay Strong’s steezy wildcat Bob Manchester as he prepares his backyard jumps for another big contest in the summer after months of neglect and a harsh winter. Bob analyses the daunting work that is to be done in order to see the place that gave his riding the biggest boost, come back to life for another Jam. But it’s not all swinging shovels, with Corby’s Adrenaline Alley only an hour away, we thought we’d see how he survives without the jumps. This series is proudly supported by Hoffman Bikes, Crucial BMX and Stay Strong Clothing. Work In Progress – Bob Manchester | Fast Forward BMX, Ep. 18

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Another Monday another Look Back at what was posted on Hoffman Bikes Instagram. Here is a collection of video post from Ben Hennon, Mikey Babbel, Jamie Skinner, Dravin Goove, Del Shepherd and Will Love.

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“Burn” by Room For A Ghost

Bike Check Wednesday with Jamie Skinner

This weeks Bike Check Wednesday comes to us from across the pond with HB UK Pro Jamie Skinner’s. Here is Jamie Skinner’s bike check, Q&A, and video bike check and photos. Enjoy!

bike check - jamie skinner 01

Jamie Skinner Q&A

What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why?  
I would say that it has to be grips. New grips feel so much better.

What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in? 
Wheels. Got to keep them running sweet.

Last year the Hoffman Bikes UK Distributor, CSG got you hooked up riding for Hoffman Bikes. How did that come about? 
I was riding for radio bikes through csg at the time, Mark Noble contacted me saying that he was putting together a UK Hoffman team and asked if I wanted to be park of it.

How has things been riding for Mat Hoffman and Hoffman Bikes?
It’s been great so far , I was lucky enough to get a place on the ride to glory last year and meet Mat Hoffman at the finish of it.

What are your plans for the 2015 year?
Traveling as much as I can on my bike. Film and ride more,  I’ve just started filming a new edit so keep an eye out for that later on in the year

Bike Check Wednesday with Jamie Skinner

Frame: Hoffman Bama
Forks: Eclat Stevie 32
Bars: Hoffman Bama
Stem: wtp seize
Headset: wtp compact
Grips: eclat team
Cranks: wtp royals
Chain: eclat diesel
Sprocket: eclat vent
Pedals: eclat surge
Bottom Bracket: Salt rookie
Seat: eclat 24D window
Seat Post: wtp pivotal
Front Hub: eclat pulse
Front Rim: eclat trippin
Rear Hub: federal v3 freecoaster
Rear Rim: eclat trippin
Front Hub Guard: eclat pulse
Rear Hub Guard: primo remix dsg
Front Tire: eclat ridgestone
Rear Tire: eclat ridgestone
Pegs: eclat venom

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Instagram Look Back Monday

Back again with another Instagram look back Monday. This week we have clips from Hoffman Bikes team riders Mikey Babbel, Mat Hoffman, Ben Hennon, Jamie Skinner, Bob Manchester, Dravin Groove, Zack Warden, Morgan Wade, Seth Kimbrough. Enjoy!

Music: “Reflections (Ron Barker Remix)” by Ron Barker

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Dylan Sparkman – Back On My Bike Edit

Doubling up the post today with Dylan Sparkman. Today is a triple hitter.. It’s Dylan’s Birthday, We posted his Bike check and now this post, Back On My Bike Edit. Dylan Sparkman is back. After 6 months of his bike here is his Dylan’s I’m back on my bike edit

“I snapped my tibia and fibula in a few spots ended up having getting 2 plates 13 screws and 6 months later I’m cruising again couldn’t be happier and more motivated than ever” – Dylan Sparkman

Music “K.I.D.S” by Tiny Masters of Today

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Taking The Road Less Traveled Since 1991

Bike Check Wednesday with Dylan Sparkman

We are back again with another Bike Check Wednesday. This weeks Hoffman rider and Birthday Boy Dylan Sparkman. Mid Last year Dylan suffered a major injury that keep him off his bike for over 6 months, with him fresh back on his bike we figured what better way to celebrate is Birthday. Enjoy this weeks Bike Check Wednesday with Dylan Sparkeman.


Bike Check Wednesday with dylan sparkman

What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why?
Grips or tires always mobbin thro the cities and holdin on tight.

What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in? 
Keepin that chain tight from all the peg slappin haha.

Goodsbmx bike shop and Shad your thoughts.
Shad is a badass been supporting him for years, go check em out if your ever in the area.

You pretty much call Portland, Oregon home. Who do you ride with and what bike shop would you call home? 
yea moved up here about 2 yrs ago it’s been good kinda hard at first. Adjusting 2 the weather coming from the bay always having nice weather. For the most part PDX had a lot of rain, but it’s good heavy scene up here just not a lot of coverage so ppl stay on the under. Always down 2 cruise with whoever is riding everyone’s got mixed schedules

Last year you were faced with a brutal injury. what happen and how log where you off your bike?
yea was just messing around ice picking down this rail and planted my foot funny laid there just thinking I twisted it good till I looked at my leg was all off 2 the side mangled looking… I exploded my leg from what the doc told me. haha.. It was crazy, didn’t think it was as bad since I never ever had broken anything before (except for a few bones in my face ha). I snapped my tibia and fibula in a few spots ended up having getting 2 plates 13 screws and 6 months later I’m cruising again couldn’t be happier and more motivated than ever. Huge shout out 2 everyone who was there when I was down means the world 2015 DODAMOS

What are your goals for the 2015 year?
Staying healthy and traveling as much as possible staying on my bike!! I just started workin on a new edit so keep on the looks mid summer or so other than that staying positive having fun and enjoying life dodamos

Bike Check Wednesday with Dylan Sparkman

Frame: Hoffman Bikes Bama 21″ TT
Forks: Hoffman Bikes Bama
Bars: Hoffman Bikes Bama 9″
Stem: Hoffman Bikes TL Stem
Headset: FSA
Grips: Green
Cranks: Fit Indent 24
Chain: 1/2 link
Sprocket: Eclat
Pedals: Bpe
Bottom Bracket: FSA
Seat: Primo
Seat Post: Hoffman Bikes Uber Post
Front Hub: Freemix
Front Rim: Primo
Rear Hub: Hoffman Bikes Generator
Rear Rim: Hoffman Bikes Generator
Front Hub Guard: Alloy
Rear Hub Guard: Alloy
Front Tire: Volume
Rear Tire: Volume
Pegs: Plastic
Brakes: Nope
Levers: None
Gyro: None

This week Ride UK Bmx announced that it will no longer offering Ride UK Bmx in printed form. The final cover was one that was top-secret until this week. Once Hoffman Rider, Sebastian Keep was giving a ground breaking, extraordinary opportunity, to do something insane for the final printed cover for Ride UK Bmx.

Sebastian never did things half ass and what he did for the final cover has surpassed all prior achievements. So much that media and riders are comparing this to Mat Hoffman’s first Big Air photo that ran in Ride Bmx back in 1992. We agree. So HUGE shout out to Sebastian Keep for making BMX History and continuing to make BMX, BMX.

What an Honor to be able to list Sebastian Keep as one of top Hoffman Riders of all times.

Sebastian Keep Ride Bmx UK final cover

This is a 22ft gap to wall ride, from a kicker ramp on the elevated road above, into a 32ft high wall ride down the side of a multi-storey car park and into a 12ft quarter pipe. To put it bluntly, this is death defying. It is a giant leap into new realms of preparation, commitment, skill, height, speed and danger. It is monumental moment of BMX history and it is British moment at that – a fitting end to our print history. – George Marshall


Hoffman Bikes calling Major Art, Major Art coming in, this is mission control. Last week we made contact with Art Thomason to see if he can take a moment from his busy NASA job and riding to get this weeks bike check.

Art was able to pull himself away from designing tools for astronauts and perfecting his riding skills to answer a few questions and send us this weeks Bike Check Wednesday with Art Thomason



What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why?
Front tires. I go through a front tire every 6 weeks or so. I do a lot of front wheel tricks where I turbine, pump, and change direction, which takes a toll on a tire. My spot is pretty smooth, otherwise I would go through them even more quickly.

What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in?
I try to make sure everything on my bike is dialed. I hate having something that rattles or doesn’t work/feel right. I am really happy with all the parts on my bike and they are working well, so I don’t have to do much work on my bike these days.

You recently took offer you brakes. What made you decide to go brakeless?
The main reason I went brakeless is because it is a new challenge. I was thinking about doing it for a few months, but finally decided I was ready. It has been a lot of fun and it has forced me to learn things I probably would have never tried if I still had brakes on.

What has been the one trick you have found to be most difficult to do without brakes?
180 barflips to hitchhiker is one of the tricks that I used a lot to link tricks together that I haven’t been able to dial in brakeless. I think the hardest thing about going brakeless is being able to keep links going. Just one brake pull to help during a switch can allow you to string 2 big combos together, but I am enjoying the challenge of figuring it out with no brakes.

How hard was it to convince your wife that your yard would look great with a large slab of cement in the yard?
My wife is pretty cool about it. When we were house shopping, one of my requirements was that it had a backyard big enough for me to have a 30’ x 40’ riding spot, so she was ready for it. The kids play on the riding pad all the time and I don’t have to leave the house to go ride, so it is a great thing.

Is it true that Hoffman Bikes is the first bike company to have a part in space?
As far as I know. After training astronauts for spacewalks on Shuttle mission STS-123, one of the astronauts graciously offered to use some of his allotted space to fly something on the Shuttle for me. I decided to have him fly the Hoffman Bikes seatpost clamp from my bike. The seatpost clamp flew 6.5 million miles in orbit ~200 miles above the Earth at a speed of ~17,000 mph.


Bike Check Wednesday with Art Thomason

Frame: Hoffman Bikes Strowler 19.75
Forks: Odyssey Flatware, zero offset
Bars: S&M Intrikat, 9″
Stem: S&M Enduro, 36mm
Headset: Odyssey
Grips: Hoffman Bikes Razz Grips
Cranks: Profile Flatland with Ti spindle and hardware
Chain: Odyssey Blue Bird
Sprocket: Profile spline drive, 18t
Pedals: Premium Slim, Sealed Bearing
Bottom Bracket: DECO
Seat: Mankind
Seat Post: DECO Pinotal
Front Hub: GSport Simian
Front Rim: Hoffman Bikes Generator
Rear Hub: KHE Geisha Lite
Rear Rim: Hoffman Bikes Generator
Front Hub Guard: None
Rear Hub Guard: None
Front Tire: Ares A-Class 1.75
Rear Tire: Odyssey Frequency G K-Lyte Kevlar 1.75
Pegs: Deco Wu Pegs
Brakes: None
Levers: None
Gyro: None

Empire Bmx OutSide by John watson

Tom and Tina Williams has been a staple in the Austin, Tx Bmx Scene and in fact worldwide. Empire Bmx has been a major supporter of Hoffman Bikes product for many years. It is a great honor to have great shop and people supporting Hoffman for so many years.
So who is Empire Bmx? To put it simply, they are a close group of weirdos that love BMX, with Tom and Tina the leaders. They love it enough to make it their lives, forgoing any shot at millions of possible salary dollars at high-tech companies throughout the Greater Central Texas area. Their do not have a mission statement, but they best the best to provide bmer's with the goods they need to make BMX what you want it to be for yourself.
Support those who support.
Visit Empire Bmx Photo: Josh Watson ×

Dylan Sparkman - Back On My Bike Edit

Doubling up the post today with Dylan Sparkman. Today is a triple hitter.. It's Dylan's Birthday, We posted his Bike check and now this post, Back On My Bike Edit. Dylan Sparkman is back. After 6 months of his bike here is his Dylan's I'm back on my bike edit

"I snapped my tibia and fibula in a few spots ended up having getting 2 plates 13 screws and 6 months later I'm cruising again couldn't be happier and more motivated than ever" - Dylan Sparkman

Music "K.I.D.S" by Tiny Masters of Today
Lady Luck Complete Bike

Ben Hennon is one of the most dynamic BMX riders in the world with a progressive style and is a true bad ass. The Hoffman Bikes Ben Hennon signature frame Lady Luck was one of the best selling frames last year. What better way to complement the rider and the frame by offering it as a complete bike. The Lady Luck complete bike is the top of the line in the Hoffman Bikes Complete Bike line up. With a 4130 chromoly frame, fork and bars, it also sports a pro parts package. The Lady Luck is for any rider looking for the best complete bike.

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It's time to take a look back at April's Team Video Post. We took over 2 minutes of team post to put together April's Instagram Team Mix. Aprils Instagram Team Mix features clips from Mat Hoffman, Seth Kimbrough, Ben Hennon, Zack Warden, Mason Ritter and several other Hoffman riders. Enjoy!

Music: "Cold" by Six Star General

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