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Robin Pearson’s 2014 Photo Highlights

RideUK Bmx caught up with Robin Pearson to feature his 2014 photo highlights. As ever Robin has been trekking the planet working with some of the best riders out there. Hoffman Bikes team rider Bob Manchester made the list.

Bob Manchester, Chertsey

Rider: Bob Manchester
Location: Chertsey
Date: 14th August

Ride To Glory is always fun and Bob Manchester is a wild guy to hang out with. I love shooting photos of him riding trails so was very happy to visit Chertsey a few times this year, especially on RTG. I love this photo because it’s a 360 table in the woods.

Head over to RideUK Bmx and check out the photo that got Bob Manchester in Robin Pearson’s 2014 Photo Highlights. (click here)



Hoffman Bikes Mikey Babbel Ohio Night 2 Clip Night

Hoffman Bikes team rider Mikey Babbel hit up the indoor park in Ohio to get a few clips for upcoming edit. Here are 2 clips from that night.

Follow Mikey @mikeybabbel @hoffmanbikes and the team #hoffmanbikes #hoffmanteam


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RideUK Bmx Bama Complete Bike Review

The guys over at RideUK Bmx just posted up a Seth Kimbrough Signature Bama Complete bike review. They had bmx rider Will Bennett put the Bama complete bike to the test. From the look of this image, I say that Will was very pleased. Here is Will doing a roof to roof barspin.

RideUK Bmx Bama Complete Bike Review

Head over to RideUK Bmx website and see what there thoughts are about the Seth Kimbrough Signature Bama Complete bike.

The Hoffman Bikes 2015 product line is available now in the United Kingdom via UK Distributor Look for US release Spring 2015!

Click Here to Visit RideUK Bmx Bama Review

Mikey Babble Back On His Bike – Hoffman Bikes

After 5 months of bad back problems, Hoffman Bikes rider Mikey Babbel is back on this bike.. To celebrate here are a few clips from Mikey’s “Back On His Bike “ session.

Be sure to hit up Mikey Babbel’s team page and be sure to follow Mikey’s Instagram feed.

Welcome to the new and improved Hoffman website

We are very excited for the launch of our new, improved website today, which features improved design, functionality and the 2015 Hoffman Bikes product line. The site also includes a page for each Hoffman Team rider with bio interview, images, rider videos and live Instagram feed.

Hoffman Bikes is proud to support its team of riders, which includes Mat Hoffman, Mikey Babbel, Ben Hennon, Jeremy Hrabal, Kevin Jones, Seth Kimbrough, Trent McDaniel, Kevin Robinson, Dylan Sparkman, Art Thomason, Morgan Wade, Zack Warden and Matt Wilhelm; as well as, International team members Bob Manchester, Kanya Ohnishi, Daniel Shepherd, Del Shepherd and Jamie Skinner and Flow team members Cody
Anderson, Dravin Groove Hallford, Will Love and Mason Ritter.

Hoffman Bikes was established in 1991 and specializes in high quality BMX bikes and parts for riders of all levels. Designed by riders for riders.

Photo Caption: by @thehennon “Stoked on this from a few years ago! By @robinpearson” #hoffmanteam #hoffmanbikes

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We pulled together some of the Hoffman Bikes teams instgram videos and put them into this single edit.
Enjoy and Follow
Music: I’m Hungry by: Iggy & The Stooges

Hoffman Bikes started back in 1991 with the graphical help of legend Davin Hallford, aka Psycho. Over the next 20+ years, Psycho graced us with his original style and a baby Psycho.

He installed his diehard passion for BMX into his son Dravin Hallford, aka Groove. Groove has taken that to a new level with his flow and style. We are PROUD to welcome Groove, “the Psycho seed,” to the Hoffman Bikes flow team. Welcome to the Hoffman Family, Groove! It was only a matter of time….

Groove joins HB Flow team members: Cody Anderson, Will Love and Mason Ritter; as well as, Pro/Lifers Mat Hoffman, Mikey Babbel, Ben Hennon, Jeremy Hrabal, Kevin Jones, Seth Kimbrough, Trent McDaniel, Kevin Robinson, Dylan Sparkman, Art Thomason, Morgan Wade, Zack Warden, Matt Wilhelm; and International team members Bob Manchester, Kanya Ohnishi, Daniel Shepherd, Del Shepherd and Jamie Skinner.

Photo Caption: by @condorbmx “#backyardsess2014 #candycanair” #hoffmanteam #hoffmanbikes

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Photo Caption: by @condorbmx “#backyardsess2014 #supermanair” #hoffmanteam #hoffmanbikes

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Empire Bmx OutSide by John watson

Tom and Tina Williams has been a staple in the Austin, Tx Bmx Scene and in fact worldwide. Empire Bmx has been a major supporter of Hoffman Bikes product for many years. It is a great honor to have great shop and people supporting Hoffman for so many years.
So who is Empire Bmx? To put it simply, they are a close group of weirdos that love BMX, with Tom and Tina the leaders. They love it enough to make it their lives, forgoing any shot at millions of possible salary dollars at high-tech companies throughout the Greater Central Texas area. Their do not have a mission statement, but they best the best to provide bmer's with the goods they need to make BMX what you want it to be for yourself.
Support those who support.
Visit Empire Bmx Photo: Josh Watson ×

November 19, 2014 - Hoffman Bikes proudly announces that Mason Ritter has joined its flow team. Mason is a 20-year-old shredder from Pittsburgh, PA. Mason can be found killing it at The Wheel Mill Bike Park, Mack Skatepark and Monroeville Trails in and around his home state.

Mason is currently working on a “Welcome to the Team” edit – out soon and not to be missed! ×
Bama Frame - 21

In BMX Street riding, the definition for Street Progression is Seth Kimbrough. For more than 25 years, Seth has been constantly evolving to become a better rider. He has also proven this progression with his Hoffman Bikes signature Bama frame. The Bama frame is built to withstand street abuse or any other style of riding you pursue. Spec's
Seth Kimbrough signature frame
COLORS: Black, Grey, White
MATERIAL: 100% 4130 Chromo
TUBING: Single butted down tube with integrated gusset
DROPOUTS: 4mm Thick heat-treated dropouts
BRAKE MOUNTS: Removable brake mounts and cable guides
HEADTUBE: Integrated head tube w/removable detangler tabs
BB: Mid 
GEOMETRY: Size: 20.75” or 21” TT, 13.7” CS, 75° HT, 71.5° ST, 11.4” BBH
WEIGHT: 4lbs 14oz (20.75") | 5lbs (21”) ×

If your not following Seth on Instagram, then you should be. Seth has posted several videos of him doing what he does best. So we took these several videos and put them together to make a short Instagram Video Edit. Enjoy!
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