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Dylan Sparkman’s Instagram Edit

Hoffman Bikes team rider Dylan Sparkman posted up a few clips on his Instagram account. We put these clips together to make a short edit.. enjoy Dylan Sparkman‘s Instagram Edit.

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“Espada Gigante pt. II” by J-K

Dylan Sparkman's Instagram Edit

Bike Check Wednesday with Morgan Wade

Another hump day which means another Bike Check Wednesday with Morgan Wade. Morgan Wade is known for his GO BIG riding style. May it be, hitting city streets or the Maga Ramp, Morgan Wade’s is GO BIG. When you GO BIG Morgan you need to make sure your bike is equipped with the the best parts possible. Morgan insures that his bike starts with a solid Hoffman Bikes Frame, Fork and Bars foundation.

We sent Morgan Wade a few questions to ask about his bike and where his bike has taken him. So, let’s get right to it. enjoy!

What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why? Tubes! Haha that one is obvious, but as far as parts go I seem to have broken quite a few seats lately for some reason…

What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in? Brakes, I hate working on them mostly because of how long it takes me!

What was the best place your BMX Bike has taken you? The place I’ve been most stoked on so far is New Zealand. It’s a beautiful country, we had a great crew, and there was tons of stuff to ride even though I broke all my front teeth out the 3rd day We were there! Haha

What was the worst place your BMX has taken you? The worst “places” I should say have been ERs all over the world. Weather it’s me or a friend that gets hurt it’s never fun to be in one of those.

You have been all around the world with your BMX, where is one place you wish to visit that you have not been before? I’ve always wanted to go to Israel! Hopefully that will happen one day soon!


Bike Check Wednesday with Morgan Wade

Frame: 21 TT Lady Luck
Fork: Bama Forks
Bars: Bama 9″ rise, 30″ wide
Stem: United Metro
Headset: Colony
Hubs: Profile Mini Cassette
(Atomic High performance worked them over with Ceramic Bearings and a special low friction coating that makes them roll ten times smoother than stock!)
Rims: Éclat 
Spokes: Double Butted
Tires: Maxxis Grifter 20×2.3
Pegs: United Stealth Plastic Pegs
Cranks: United Nash 175mm
Sprocket: United Super 8 28t
Chain: Shadow
Pedals: United Supreme Plastic Pedals
Seat: United Supreme Pivotal<
Seat post: Hoffman Pivotal Post
Brakes: Shadow Drew B
Cables: SST
Detangler: Snafu Mobus
Break Leaver: Dirt Harry
Grips: ODI Longnecks

You can keep tabs on Morgan Wade by following his social.
Instagram: @texasmwade

900 air turns 26

In 1989, Mat Hoffman pulled the first 900 air on a BMX bike, at a 2-Hip King of Vert contest in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. At the time, 17-year-old Hoffman was a rookie pro who had just quit riding for Haro. It was his second pro contest, and his second time trying the 900 air.

Text by Brian Tunney
Video from Head First: Mat Hoffman – 1991 Eddie Roman bmx video

Happy Birthday To The 900 Air

Art Thomason Brakeless Experiment

Riding flatland is amazingly difficult, removing your brakes and ride flatland brakeless just amplify’s the difficulty. This past week Art Thomason removed his brakes and started his brakeless experiment.

Here is a video Art posted from his 1st week of riding brakeless.

Follow Art’s Progress:

Posted by in Instagram, News Tags: on March 23, 2015

Look Back Monday March 23rd

Back again with another Look Back Monday with the Hoffman Bikes Team. This weeks Look Back Monday  features 43 seconds of video and photo collage features Mat Hoffman’s skydiving, Trent McDaniel killing a rail, Jamie Skinner’s blasting out of a bowl, Kevin Robinson’s vert table top, Del Shepherd’s back on this bike, Bob Manchester’s selfie with his dog, Dravin Groove’s American Flag shorts to Ben Hennon’s crushing the dirt and wood.

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“Apple-Picking” by The Undynamic Pop Experiment

Look Back Monday March 23rd

Hoffman Bikes Team Instagram Video Mix #3

Hoffman Bikes Team Instagram Video Mix #3 is here. Video number 3 features Mat Hoffman’s POV video from Woodward west Big Air Ramp to Trent McDaniel’s Chicago Ledge to Bob Manchester’s crazy rodeo flip to Mat Wilhem’s spinning madness this mix has something for everyone. Instagram video clips from Mat Hoffman, Trent McDaniel, Bob Mancherster, Matt Wilhelm, Dravin Groove, Mikey Babbel and Will Love. enjoy!


“Don’t Lead Don’t Follow” by Mors Ontologica 

Hoffman Bikes Team Instagram Video Mix #3


Last week we posted a question on the Hoffman Bikes Facebook Page, “If you could ask Seth Kimbrough one question what would it be?”. Had a great response to this question, so we sent these questions over to the man himself to answer some of the questions our fans posted.

Scott Redmond: How many sugars do you have in a cup of tea?
Seth Kimbrough: None! I try to stay away from sugar these days as much as possible. I like my tea straight!

Felipe Marques: At what age you did your first 360?
Seth Kimbrough: Hmm.. I believe I was ten.

Dave Lovesacupa Mclellan: For years idolized you in bmxing . So much so I watched every bit of video could find just so I could try ride like you when I was a youngster . You, Mat Hoffman, Josh Striker, Van Homan and Rat Boy, Tim Fuzzzy Hall, Tj and Brian Tunney all Inspiration to up and keep riding . Who was/is an idol you look up to ? And why ? Who has had the biggest influence in your riding/life in bmx . Thanks . Always digged your bones tee just could never afford one .
Seth Kimbrough: First off thank you very much! That means a lot! I guess growing up is have to say Hoffman for sure! Also Troy McMurry, The Gonz, and Taj Mihelich.

Matthew Gruenwald: Would you wanna come ride my local park with Metallica again sometime?
Seth Kimbrough: Yes!!!

Nick Solie: What’s it like to have talent?
Seth Kimbrough: Haha! You tell me!

Ross Toal: When are mortal treason touring the UK? (Serious questions there)
Seth Kimbrough: That’s always been a dream of mine. Unfortunately we just don’t have the money to pull that one-off, but I’ll keep dreaming!

Craig Whitewater: Same question was for Matt but didn’t get a response; Would you like to have lunch with me? I’m buying.
Seth Kimbrough: Time and place?

Don Binswanger: what is the meaning of life?
Seth Kimbrough: You know… That’s a good question! I’ve been searching for about 30 years now, I’ll prob die on the search! If you find out, let a brother know!

Michael Ferguson: Which riders from your teenage years still inspire you today?
Seth Kimbrough: Mat Hoffman.

Look back mondays instagram post seth lkimbrouigh barspin under bridge FACEBOOK Q&A WITH SETH KIMBROUGH

Jace Tadic: You have been riding for Hoffman for 15 years now, and its incredible to see such loyalty still left in bmx. From those 15 years is there a moment you favor the most? Something you reflect on often?
Seth Kimbrough: I would have to say 1999. That’s when I realized I was really part of the team, and that my dreams were coming true. I was hanging out with the guys that only a year earlier I would watch in videos and think, no way I’ll ever be where they are. Hoffman Bikes has been through so many changes since then. Ups and downs, but they are still here, and with Mat 100% behind it, I will continue to support his dream, because he’s the one that pushed me to where I am today.

Jace Tadic: Also, is there any guidance you can give to someone trying to get back into riding. I’m finding it very difficult to stay focused and am too weary of injuring myself but it is something I need and want to do. Bmx has always been my happy place.
Seth Kimbrough: Don’t push yourself to hard. Don’t worry about trying to keep up with the new tricks/trends, just find a nice steady pace for YOU, and stay there. Have fun with it!

Jace Tadic: Are you going to bring the dreads back!?
Seth Kimbrough: I think about it from time to time!

Kevin James Daley: Can we hang out?
Seth Kimbrough: Yes we can!



Bike Check Wednesday with Trent McDaniel

Back again with another great Bike Check Wednesday with Trent McDaniel. It has been a long hard winter this year for many of us. Trent lives in Chicago and with the frigid temperatures and massive amounts of snow have kept Trent’s riding to a minimum. Between snow storms and slightly warmer temperatures Trent has been able to hook up with locals like Brian Kachinsky and photographer  Timothy Burkhart to grab some video and photos. Between filming and photo shots we asked Trent several questions and garbed a bike check. enjoy


Bike Check Wednesday with Trent McDaniel Sunset

What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why? Tires for sure. Fresh set of tires always makes the whip feel dialed.

What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in? Probably my chain tension. Lots of grinding.

This has been a hard winter, how have you been able to keep yourself motivated? Not being able to ride actually motivates me than most things do. Not being able to ride or cruise drives me insane. Lots of spot searching.

If your bike could talk what would it say to you? Keep shreddin!

Frame: Hoffman bikes Lady Luck 21″
Forks: Division Formosa
Bars: Division c-bahs
Stem: Division terminal
Headset: Division
Grips: Odi long necks (og)
Cranks: Division valiance
Chain: Shadow
Sprocket: Division
Pedals: Animal hamiltons
Bottom Bracket: Not sure
Seat: Hoffman black ops
Seat Post: Hoffman über post
Front Hub: Sun ringle
Front Rim: Sun ringle big baller
Rear Hub: Sun ringle
Rear Rim: Sun ringle big baller
Front Hub Guard: Not sure
Rear Hub Guard: Division
Front Tire: Cult slicks
Rear Tire: Cult slicks
Pegs: Hoffman 36D
Brakes: None
Levers: None
Gyro: None

Shout out to Timothy Burkhart for all the great photos. Head over and check out his site.


In 1999 Mat Hoffman endured an experimental synthetic ACL replacement surgery with no anesthesia. He stayed awake while doctors drilled through six inches of bone. Story told by Mat Hoffman and illustrated by Taj Mihelich.


Bike Check Wednesday with Matt Wilhelm

We have a great Bike Check Wednesday with Matt Wilhelm this week. Matt Wilhelm is one of the coolest riders you will ever meet and as one of the best styles in bmx flatland. Matt Wilhelm is also one of the busiest bmx flatlanders out there. He performs hundreds of shows at schools all over the USA and doing up to 4 to 5 forty minutes shows every day for 5 days a week will put a toll on anyone’s bike. But, if you look at Matt’s bike you will notice that some of his parts are old, really old.  We decided to catch up with Matt Wilhelm and see how is current set up is doing and why for all the old parts. Here is bike check Wednesday with Matt Wilhelm. enjoy!

bike check wednesday with matt wilhelm hoffman bikes

How long have you been riding this setup?
I have been riding this frame since November or December 2014. However, all the other parts on the bike are old… like really old. Many of the parts have even been discontinued such as the handlebars, forks, front hub, rear hub, 48-spoke rims in general, front brake, and I’m probably forgetting another one or two.

My tricks are consistent with these parts and this setup. I don’t feel the need to constantly be changing out parts, and trying to get used to something new only to find that I liked my old setup better. I don’t care about what’s trendy. People used to make fun of me for riding tall bars back at my first pro comp in 2000. Now tall bars are the trend. Just be yourself and ride the parts you want to ride.
Do you modify any parts or frame?
 I cut down the handlebars. I also put athletic tape on the seat rails and brake levers for comfort. I put electrical tape around one of the front brake springs because my jeans were getting hung up on one trick.
What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in?
My bike is super dialed, and fortunately I don’t spend much time working on it. I will grease my freecoaster every once in a while, but I can usually just set it and forget it for a few months.
You do a ton of school shows. Do you use any special tires to insure you don’t scuff the floor?
Usually my black tires are fine on the floors. However there is a specific kind of rubber floor that my black tires will leave marks all over. When I’m done doing a spinning combo it looks like a Spirograph of tire marks. I have a separate identical bike with white tires just for this specific type of floor. It’s also a good idea to have a back up bike for that occasional flat tire.
How does the weight of your bike play a role in your riding?
Having a lighter bike helps, but it’s not everything. I spent my teenage years on a 40-pound Standard Shorty, so having a lighter bike makes things a little easier. I am so tired of hearing kids say they can’t do certain tricks because their bike is too heavy. The bikes now are way lighter than when I was growing up so these kids need to find a new excuse.
What is the one part you find yourself having to replace regular? And why?
I replace tires the most, especially during the summer when I’m riding outside. However I think I’ve gone this entire winter on the same set of tires. My new warehouse has the best floor ever so the tires don’t wear down.

Bike Check Wednesday with Matt Wilhelm

Frame: Hoffman Bikes Strowler
Forks: Odyssey CS2 Flat Forks
Bars: Quamen Hiro Bars
Stem: Colony 35mm reach
Headset: Whatever is on sale
Grips: Odi Long Necks
Cranks: Profile 160mm Ti Spindle
Chain: Cult
Sprocket: Profile 23t
Pedals: Animal Hamilton PC
Bottom Bracket: Whatever is on sale
Seat: KHE Watanabe
Seat Post: Thompson
Front Hub: Suelo 48 hole
Front Rim: Hoffman Generator
Rear Hub: Nankai Bamboo
Rear Rim: Hoffman Generator
Front Hub Guard: None
Rear Hub Guard: None 
Front Tire: Ares A-Class 1.75
Rear Tire: Ares A-Class 1.75
Pegs: Tree Big Balsa 
Brakes: Fly / Suelo 
Levers: Dia Comp Tech 77
Gyro: Odyssey

Check out Matt Wilhelms webiste and see what his shows are all about.

Empire Bmx OutSide by John watson

Tom and Tina Williams has been a staple in the Austin, Tx Bmx Scene and in fact worldwide. Empire Bmx has been a major supporter of Hoffman Bikes product for many years. It is a great honor to have great shop and people supporting Hoffman for so many years.
So who is Empire Bmx? To put it simply, they are a close group of weirdos that love BMX, with Tom and Tina the leaders. They love it enough to make it their lives, forgoing any shot at millions of possible salary dollars at high-tech companies throughout the Greater Central Texas area. Their do not have a mission statement, but they best the best to provide bmer's with the goods they need to make BMX what you want it to be for yourself.
Support those who support.
Visit Empire Bmx Photo: Josh Watson ×

November 19, 2014 - Hoffman Bikes proudly announces that Mason Ritter has joined its flow team. Mason is a 20-year-old shredder from Pittsburgh, PA. Mason can be found killing it at The Wheel Mill Bike Park, Mack Skatepark and Monroeville Trails in and around his home state.

Mason is currently working on a “Welcome to the Team” edit – out soon and not to be missed! ×
Bama Frame - 21

In BMX Street riding, the definition for Street Progression is Seth Kimbrough. For more than 25 years, Seth has been constantly evolving to become a better rider. He has also proven this progression with his Hoffman Bikes signature Bama frame. The Bama frame is built to withstand street abuse or any other style of riding you pursue. Spec's
Seth Kimbrough signature frame
COLORS: Black, Grey, White
MATERIAL: 100% 4130 Chromo
TUBING: Single butted down tube with integrated gusset
DROPOUTS: 4mm Thick heat-treated dropouts
BRAKE MOUNTS: Removable brake mounts and cable guides
HEADTUBE: Integrated head tube w/removable detangler tabs
BB: Mid 
GEOMETRY: Size: 20.75” or 21” TT, 13.7” CS, 75° HT, 71.5° ST, 11.4” BBH
WEIGHT: 4lbs 14oz (20.75") | 5lbs (21”) ×

If your not following Seth on Instagram, then you should be. Seth has posted several videos of him doing what he does best. So we took these several videos and put them together to make a short Instagram Video Edit. Enjoy!
Follow Seth on Instagram @seth_Kimbrough
Follow Hoffman on Instagram @hoffmanbikes
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