July 25, 2016
Hoffman Bikes Online Store Is Live

Online Store Is Live

Hoffman Bikes Online Store is Live – We understand that many small towns don’t have local bmx shops that carry our products. So, after a number of emails asking where you can buy Hoffman Part and Soft goods, we can now offer several ways you can buy Hoffman Products when your local option is not an option/ Hoffman Bikes – Online Store (now live) Empire Bmx Albe’s Bmx Flatland Fuel For a full list of Online and Local Dealers please click here  
July 5, 2016

Al’s Bicycles – Rail Jam Stop 1 – Edmond, Oklahoma

June 13 the Hoffman Bikes team, Mat Hoffman, Seth Kimbrough, Trent McDaniel, David Cortez, Cody Anderson and Dravin Hallford meet up with some local riders to shred at Al’s Bicycles in Edmond, Oklahoma. Music: Shellac http://www.touchandgorecords.com/bands/band.php?id=22 http://www.alsbicycles.com/ 2624 S. Broadway Ct. Edmond, OK 73013 Phone: (405) 341-4331
June 30, 2016

Mat Hoffman – VICE Sport Interview

Earlier this year Mat Hoffman flew up to NYC to do and interview with VICE Sports. They discuss his history, big airs, serious injuries and touch on his near death experiences. *Mat Hoffman is considered to be one of the best vertical ramp riders in the history of BMX and the creator of big air. Throughout his 36 year career as a BMX rider, he’s faced serious injuries and near death experiences. So with a pedigree like that, you come away with at least a few good stories. Giovanni Reda managed to get Mat to spill some good ones as part of the latest installment of REDA FOR THE WORLD. Check out VICE Sports for more: http://www.vicesports.com Follow VICE Sports here: Facebook: https://facebook.com/VICESports Twitter: https://twitter.com/VICESports Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicesports More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
June 28, 2016
Quickie Mart Hoffman-Bikes-DIY-Jame-Quickie-Mart-Tulsa-Oklahoma-1

Quickie Mart – Rail Jam Stop 1 – Tulsa, Oklahoma

June 12 we traveled up to Quickie Mart in Tulsa, Oklahoma to put on stop 1 of the Hoffman Bikes Summer DIY Rail Jam. Team Riders: Mat Hoffman, Seth Kimbrough, Trent McDaniel, David Cortez, Cody Anderson, Dravin and Davin Hallford shredded the ramps and rails with the local riders for one awesome time. Thanks to Quickie Mart for hosting stop 1 it was amazing. Next stop is Al’s Bicycles // Edmond, OK for a Fun Monday Rail session, Edit dropping soon. Music: Medications http://www.dischord.com/band/medications Quickie Mart https://www.facebook.com/Quickie-Mart-1020684807956434/