January 26, 2016


CODY ANDERSON VS THE BILLBOARD Dig Bmx just posted up a new Battles video series. Cody Anderson VS The Billboard, kicks off the series. You may remember a few months ago we released young Cody Anderson’s crazy DIG X Hoffman Bikes edit which included a clip of a scary gap to billboard ride. Well, now we’ve got the clips of Cody’s multiple previous attempts and the first episode of our new series called BATTLES. Look out for more of these episodes dropping real soon! -DigBmx Dig Bmx BATTLES http://digbmx.com/videos/battles-ep-1-cody-anderson-vs-the-billboard
January 22, 2016
snake bike bmx tribute to hoffman bikes

Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary Tribute – snakebitebmx.com

Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary Tribute This is pretty awesome.. Paul Covey and the snakebitebmx.com crew posted up this Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary Tribute and an inside look at Hoffman Bikes in the early years. They also posted up some rare photos from that time. Must Read and See.   It was my good fortune to hang around the Hoffman Warehouse a lot in the mid-90s while attending college in OKC. I even worked there part-time when I wasn’t in school, and snagged a few photos and bits of memorabilia over the years. To convey the full extent of the influence of Hoffman could fill volumes, but here is my small way of throwing it back to the Hoffman Bikes heyday, and looking forward to the possibilities ahead for BMX.  If you have any HB memories or BS Contest stories to add, please share below in the comments. – Paul Covey […]
January 9, 2016

Letter From Plywood Hoods

Letter From the Plywood Hoods: I first met Mat Hoffman on the summer 1987 Skyway tour after my friend had just gotten picked up by the team. I had seen photos in the magazine and watching him ride in person was unreal. What sticks out in my mind was noticing he had one piece cranks on his bike. After the show, I remember telling him that he should just get some good three piece cranks at the next shop and put it on Skyway’s tab.
January 1, 2016

Blasting into 25 Years

 Go Anywhere, Do Anything! Hoffman Bikes 25 years Strong! I started playing around on Big Ramps again. I rode one in March at the Old School get together at Woodward West in Tehachapi, CA. I was pushing 20 feet comfortably and felt I could go higher than I had before. There were a lot of people around and I knew I needed to do this just for myself to get the focus needed. I had been in the ER many times recently, so I second-guessed myself and walked away to prove I could and to give it more consideration. It kept burning bright, so I decided it’s in me and I had to let it come out. I’ve been riding a lot but also flying wingsuits, which I think has helped me cross train by harnessing aggressive energy better, become one with it and flow, like the big ramp demands. […]