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This week Ride UK Bmx announced that it will no longer offering Ride UK Bmx in printed form. The final cover was one that was top-secret until this week. Once Hoffman Rider, Sebastian Keep was giving a ground breaking, extraordinary opportunity, to do something insane for the final printed cover for Ride UK Bmx.

Sebastian never did things half ass and what he did for the final cover has surpassed all prior achievements. So much that media and riders are comparing this to Mat Hoffman’s first Big Air photo that ran in Ride Bmx back in 1992. We agree. So HUGE shout out to Sebastian Keep for making BMX History and continuing to make BMX, BMX.

What an Honor to be able to list Sebastian Keep as one of top Hoffman Riders of all times.

Sebastian Keep Ride Bmx UK final cover

This is a 22ft gap to wall ride, from a kicker ramp on the elevated road above, into a 32ft high wall ride down the side of a multi-storey car park and into a 12ft quarter pipe. To put it bluntly, this is death defying. It is a giant leap into new realms of preparation, commitment, skill, height, speed and danger. It is monumental moment of BMX history and it is British moment at that – a fitting end to our print history. – George Marshall


Hoffman Bikes calling Major Art, Major Art coming in, this is mission control. Last week we made contact with Art Thomason to see if he can take a moment from his busy NASA job and riding to get this weeks bike check.

Art was able to pull himself away from designing tools for astronauts and perfecting his riding skills to answer a few questions and send us this weeks Bike Check Wednesday with Art Thomason



What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why?
Front tires. I go through a front tire every 6 weeks or so. I do a lot of front wheel tricks where I turbine, pump, and change direction, which takes a toll on a tire. My spot is pretty smooth, otherwise I would go through them even more quickly.

What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in?
I try to make sure everything on my bike is dialed. I hate having something that rattles or doesn’t work/feel right. I am really happy with all the parts on my bike and they are working well, so I don’t have to do much work on my bike these days.

You recently took offer you brakes. What made you decide to go brakeless?
The main reason I went brakeless is because it is a new challenge. I was thinking about doing it for a few months, but finally decided I was ready. It has been a lot of fun and it has forced me to learn things I probably would have never tried if I still had brakes on.

What has been the one trick you have found to be most difficult to do without brakes?
180 barflips to hitchhiker is one of the tricks that I used a lot to link tricks together that I haven’t been able to dial in brakeless. I think the hardest thing about going brakeless is being able to keep links going. Just one brake pull to help during a switch can allow you to string 2 big combos together, but I am enjoying the challenge of figuring it out with no brakes.

How hard was it to convince your wife that your yard would look great with a large slab of cement in the yard?
My wife is pretty cool about it. When we were house shopping, one of my requirements was that it had a backyard big enough for me to have a 30’ x 40’ riding spot, so she was ready for it. The kids play on the riding pad all the time and I don’t have to leave the house to go ride, so it is a great thing.

Is it true that Hoffman Bikes is the first bike company to have a part in space?
As far as I know. After training astronauts for spacewalks on Shuttle mission STS-123, one of the astronauts graciously offered to use some of his allotted space to fly something on the Shuttle for me. I decided to have him fly the Hoffman Bikes seatpost clamp from my bike. The seatpost clamp flew 6.5 million miles in orbit ~200 miles above the Earth at a speed of ~17,000 mph.


Bike Check Wednesday with Art Thomason

Frame: Hoffman Bikes Strowler 19.75
Forks: Odyssey Flatware, zero offset
Bars: S&M Intrikat, 9″
Stem: S&M Enduro, 36mm
Headset: Odyssey
Grips: Hoffman Bikes Razz Grips
Cranks: Profile Flatland with Ti spindle and hardware
Chain: Odyssey Blue Bird
Sprocket: Profile spline drive, 18t
Pedals: Premium Slim, Sealed Bearing
Bottom Bracket: DECO
Seat: Mankind
Seat Post: DECO Pinotal
Front Hub: GSport Simian
Front Rim: Hoffman Bikes Generator
Rear Hub: KHE Geisha Lite
Rear Rim: Hoffman Bikes Generator
Front Hub Guard: None
Rear Hub Guard: None
Front Tire: Ares A-Class 1.75
Rear Tire: Odyssey Frequency G K-Lyte Kevlar 1.75
Pegs: Deco Wu Pegs
Brakes: None
Levers: None
Gyro: None

Being able to instantly look back at what happened in the form of video and photo is just amazing. Putting that video and photo into one format is even better.

Here is a look at some Video and Photos from Mat Hoffman, Seth Kimbrough, Ben Hennon, Zack Warden, Jamie Skinner, Dravin Groove, Mason Ritter, Bob Manchester, Morgan Wade and Mikey Babbel Instagram post from last week. enjoy!

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Taking The Road Less Traveled Since 1991

Music: “The Equestrian” by Les Savvy Fav

Bikes Over Baghdad

Just last week Hoffman Rider Morgan Wade made a trip to Irag for this years Bikes Over Baghdad April 2015 Middle East troops BMX Demos. Here is a video the Chad Degroot put together. Very Cool!

MorganWade Bikes Over Baghdad

April 2015 crew of BMX riders went to the middle east to undisclosed locations in Southwest Asia and Africa to entertain the troops for 15 days. Here is a small sample of what went on, how the troops reacted, how the crew entertained themselves, and bringing BMX to the Middle east in the big sandbox.

Follow the B.O.B. crew below:

Catfish @catfishvsthug Mykel Larrin @mykellarrin Anthony Napolitan @anthonynapo Drew Dezanson @drewbezanson Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot Chad Kagy @chadkagy Brian Kachinksy @bkachinsky Ron Kimler @livewireconstruction Nate Wessel @wesselbuilt TJ Lavin @tjlavin Morgan Wade @texasmwade Keith Mulligan @mulligan4130 Zach Schauf @zachschauf Christain Schauf @christianschauf @armedforcesent @dkbicycles @texaspetesauces @torquebmx @torque1_net @decobmx #decobmx #bikesoverbaghdad

Filmed by: Chad DeGroot, Catfish, Brian Kachinsky, Chad Kagy, Nate Wessel, Zach Schauf, Keith Mulligan, Anthony Napolitan, TJ Lavin

Special thanks to:
Dan the man
All the Troops
Punch Train
Digger DeGroot

Film by: @decobmx #decobmx by Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot @profileracing #profileZcoaster

Bike Check Wednesday With Jeremy Hrabal

This weeks Bike Check Wednesday features Hoffman Team rider Jeremy Hrabal. Jeremy Hrabais known for having a “hit it with all you got” riding attitude. Late 2014 Jeremy Hrabafound himself back on the operating table to fix a bad knee. With is recovery almost over we decided to catch up with him, check out his new ride and what he has been doing since his surgery, enjoy!


What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why?
I don’t really find myself breaking any parts, but I guess the one thing that I seem to replace on a regular basis is grips.  Probably just because I like to grip the shit out of my bars and hold on tight!

What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in?
Always gotta keep the brakes dialed, that and keeping my wheels tru.

How would you describe your riding style?
It honestly changes every year depending on how my body is feeling.  I enjoy riding street and trails, anything I can really send myself on.  I’m by no means a technical rider, I really just stay to my roots.  When I first started riding it wasn’t about being a street rider, or a trail rider, or park rat.  Just ride what you can, and have fun doing it.  So that’s what I try to do.

Your currently recovery from knee surgery? What have you been doing to keep yourself motivated?
I’ve actually just been playing a lot of music.  We’ve been recording a full length album for the last six months so that really has made the healing process go by a little quicker.  I’ve also just been working a ton.

Your in a band called DSGNS. How long have you been in DSGNS and what instrument do you play.
We’ve been a band for about 4 years now, I was in a previous band with one of the guitar players and we just kind of progressed into what DSGNS is now.   And I play bass

Bike Check Wednesday With Jeremy Hrabal

Frame: Hoffman Lady Luck 20.75″
Forks: Hoffman Bama
Bars: Hoffman Bama 8.75″
Stem: Hoffman Top Load
Headset: Odyssey
Grips: Hoffman Razz
Crank: Odyssey Thunderbolt
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Sprocket: Cult 30t
Pedals: Cult PC
Bottom Bracket: I don’t know
Seat: Hoffman Black Ops
Seat Post: Hoffman
Wheels: Hoffman Generator
Front Tire: Odyssey Aitken 2.25
Rear Tire: Duo Stunner 2.1
Pegs: Hoffman Aluminum
Brakes: Odyssey Evo 2
Levers: Odyssey Monolever Med

Bike Check Wednesday with Seth Kimbrough

If anyone knows about building up a bike it is Seth Kimbrough. For nearly 20 years he has trusted Hoffman products to keep him rolling.Seth just built up a new Bama ride so we chased him down for this weeks “Bike Check Wednesday with Seth Kimbrough“. We chased Seth down in Arizona asked him several questions and got the details on his new set up. We also put together a short edit compiled of past riding clips and mixed with his current ride. Enjoy!


What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why?
Grips, and rims are probably the two things I go through the most. That’s probably the same for most riders I’m sure. Stuff is built so much stronger these days! It’s sick the amount of abuse they can handle.

What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in?
Keeping my wheels true, and headset tight ha!

What changes do you see for the Bama in the coming years?
New decals for sure. I’m really wanting to do a few little cosmetic changes, but nothing major. I’m so happy with the strength and weight of the frame.

If you had the opportunity to fakie a big air ramp would you?
If I knew the world would end before I hit the ground… Yes I would!!! Haha!

In Props Issue 38 year 2000, Corey Martinez interviewed you and one of the questions he asked was “since there are not to many spots here (Harsville, AL) to ride, how do you stay motivated to gradually move your way up?” After 15 years, how would you answer this question now?
I always felt like it was never really the amount of spots to ride that mattered the most to me. It was the passion to be on my bike, and just the pure love of riding. There was an awesome crew of riders that were in my town when I was younger. We would all meet up after school at the same place and time. We didn’t have cell phones, we just knew what to do! We would ride parking blocks for hours! That’s still the best time I’ve ever had on my bike. I can still ride Hartselle and have a great time!


Toboggans or Tables Tops?
That’s a hard choice!! Depends on my mood I guess ha! Right now I’m feeling table tops!


Bike Check Wednesday with Seth Kimbrough

Frame: Hoffman Bama 21″
Forks: Hoffman Bama
Bars: Hoffman Bama 9″
Stem: Shadow Chula
Headset: Shadow
Grips: Shadow Chula
Crank: Shadow Noctis
Chain: Shawdow Interlock Supreme
Sprocket: Shawdow Serpent 28t
Pedals: Shadow
Bottom Bracket: Shawdow
Seat: Shadow
Seat Post: Shadow
Front Hub: Shadow Raptor
Front Rim: Shadow Corvus
Rear Hub: Shadow Raptor Freecoaster
Rear Rim: Shadow Corvus
Front Hub Guard: None
Rear Hub Guard: Shadow
Front Tire: Shadow Strada
Rear Tire: Shadow Strada
Pegs: Shadow
Brakes: None
Levers: None
Gyro: None

Matt Wilhelm the Spin Master Instagram edit.

Here are a few video clips from Matt Wilhelm’s Instagram account put together into this fast spinning 1:16 minute Matt Wilhelm April 2015 Instagram Edit.

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“The Great Break-off” by The Insider

Matt Wilhelm April 2015 Instagram Edit

Hoffman Bikes Instagram Look Back

Last week the Hoffman Bikes team posted up some photo’s and videos on their Instagram accounts. Just in case you were to busy enjoying Spring, we took the some of the highlights and edit them together into this 60 seconds Look Back video. Enjoy this Instagram look back.

Featured Riders: Mason Ritter, Morgan Wade, Mat Hoffman, Ben Hennon, Mikey Babbel, Art Thomason, Del Shepherd, Dylan Sparkman, Mat Hoffman

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“Panther Tattoo” by Schocholautte

Instagram Look Back Photos from the #hoffmanteam

Bike Check Wednesday with Mikey Babbel

April is here and what better way to start the month than with Bike Check Wednesday with Mikey Babbel. We caught up with Mikey to ask him a few questions about his move, his bike and how his back injury is doing. Enjoy!

Bike check wednesday with mikey babbel

What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why?

Usually it’s either my pedals or peg sleeves but I tend to go through phases of blowing out my rear hubs.

What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in?

My back wheel for sure. I can’t stand having a crooked wheel and a loose chain, haha.

Last year you moved away from California. Where did you move to?

To the beautiful state of Ohio

What has been the best part of the move?

There’s been ton of awesome things that came from the move, but for me the best part was the change of scenery. I love being out in the woods so being 5 minutes from a national forest has been pretty awesome.

Last year you also had to deal with some back problems that keep you off your bike for a long time. What did you do to keep yourself busy since you could not ride?

Man that sucked, haha. Yeah, last year I herniated a disk in my lower back which caused my L5/ S1 vertebrate to bash into each other and pinch my spinal cord. For the first few months I wasn’t able to walk much with out my back and sciatica causing a ton of pain, but after a few months I was able to start going out and film the crew. It really gave me the chance work on bettering my filming.

You have posted up several video clips from Rays Mountain bike park. How is it riding Ray’s?

Its pretty damn awesome! I always wanted to ride Rays when I was living in California so it’s awesome to live 30 min from it.

Bike Check Wednesday with Mikey Babbel

Frame: Hoffman Bikes Bama Custom
Forks: Hoffman Bikes Bama
Bars: Hoffman Bikes Bama
Stem: BSD
Headset: FSA
Grips: Hoffman Bikes Razz Grips
Cranks: Kink
Chain: Odyssey
Sprocket: Cult 25t
Pedals: Odyssey twisted PC
Bottom Bracket: Odyssey
Seat: BSD Tony Malouf
Seat: Post BSD
Front Hub: Primo
Front Rim: Primo
Rear Hub: Primo Mix 9t
Rear Rim: Primo
Front Hub: Guard Primo
Rear Hub: Guard Primo
Front Tire: BSD
Rear Tire: BSD
Pegs: Animal Plastics x 4 

Instagram Look Back Monday

Here’s another Hoffman Bikes Look Back Monday video. This past week we saw Mat Hoffman fall from a helicopter, Mat Wilhelm pull an insane new trick, Trent McDaniel Rail jibbin it, Zack Warden throwing down the last tail whip on the last day of his 25th year of life and Morgan Wade throwing a double whip.

Enjoy this 43 second video and photo look back.

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“The Jacks” by The Franks


Empire Bmx OutSide by John watson

Tom and Tina Williams has been a staple in the Austin, Tx Bmx Scene and in fact worldwide. Empire Bmx has been a major supporter of Hoffman Bikes product for many years. It is a great honor to have great shop and people supporting Hoffman for so many years.
So who is Empire Bmx? To put it simply, they are a close group of weirdos that love BMX, with Tom and Tina the leaders. They love it enough to make it their lives, forgoing any shot at millions of possible salary dollars at high-tech companies throughout the Greater Central Texas area. Their do not have a mission statement, but they best the best to provide bmer's with the goods they need to make BMX what you want it to be for yourself.
Support those who support.
Visit Empire Bmx Photo: Josh Watson ×

November 19, 2014 - Hoffman Bikes proudly announces that Mason Ritter has joined its flow team. Mason is a 20-year-old shredder from Pittsburgh, PA. Mason can be found killing it at The Wheel Mill Bike Park, Mack Skatepark and Monroeville Trails in and around his home state.

Mason is currently working on a “Welcome to the Team” edit – out soon and not to be missed! ×
Bama Frame - 21

In BMX Street riding, the definition for Street Progression is Seth Kimbrough. For more than 25 years, Seth has been constantly evolving to become a better rider. He has also proven this progression with his Hoffman Bikes signature Bama frame. The Bama frame is built to withstand street abuse or any other style of riding you pursue. Spec's
Seth Kimbrough signature frame
COLORS: Black, Grey, White
MATERIAL: 100% 4130 Chromo
TUBING: Single butted down tube with integrated gusset
DROPOUTS: 4mm Thick heat-treated dropouts
BRAKE MOUNTS: Removable brake mounts and cable guides
HEADTUBE: Integrated head tube w/removable detangler tabs
BB: Mid 
GEOMETRY: Size: 20.75” or 21” TT, 13.7” CS, 75° HT, 71.5° ST, 11.4” BBH
WEIGHT: 4lbs 14oz (20.75") | 5lbs (21”) ×

If your not following Seth on Instagram, then you should be. Seth has posted several videos of him doing what he does best. So we took these several videos and put them together to make a short Instagram Video Edit. Enjoy!
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