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Photo Caption: by @bmxzack “#tabletoptuesdays the lot 8 bowl is one of my favorite spots at any @woodwardcamp photo cred @cyorkphoto! #foxwelive #hoffmanbikes #woodwardcamp #lot8 #bmx #toomuchfun” #hoffmanteam

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Photo Caption: by @bmxzack “Another @joshmcelweephoto photo from my edit! Check the link in my bio if you haven’t already! #foxwelive #hoffmanbikes #toomuchfun #heathensbmx #bmx #trails #dirt #pa” #hoffmanteam

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Photo Caption: by @bmxzack “@joshmcelweephoto shot this photo of a truck whip while I was filming for my latest edit! Peep it on my user page if you haven’t already! #foxwelive #hoffmanbikes #heathensbmx #bmx #trails #dirt #pa” #hoffmanteam

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Photo Caption: by @bmxzack “So pumped on all the positive feed back on my new edit, big thanks to @vitalbmx and @ridebmx for posting it on their websites! You can check my new edit out on both of their websites or by clicking the link on my user page! #vitalbmx #ridebmx #hoffmanbikes #foxwelive #bmx #dirt” #hoffmanteam

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Photo Caption: By @bmxzack
Final! Got my edit together and online! Big shout out to @dmetty and the crew for filming! You can find the link in my bio on my user page! #foxwelive #hoffmanbikes #toomuchfun #heathensbmx #dirt #trails #pa #hoffmanteam

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Photo Caption: by @bmxzack “#whipitwednesday super whip from Orlando @dewtour 2006! I miss the 4 stop contest series!
#foxwelive #hoffmanbikes #vert #bmx #orlando #dewtour” #hoffmanteam #hoffmanbikes

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Photo Caption: by @bmxzack “A photo @jaredsouney got of me in 2007 @xgames big air! Still the highest I’ve ever gone! 18 feet and 2 inches, can wait to be healed up and riding the big ramp again! #foxwelive #hoffmanbikes #megaramp #2007 #toomuchfun #la #staplescenter” #hoffmanteam

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Photo Caption: by @bmxzack “#fbf oppo down whip to tail tap @woodwardcopper grand opening. #bmx #co #foxwelive #hoffmanteam” #hoffmanbikes

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Photo Caption: by @bmxzack “#tbt one handed table from Barcelona almost 2 years ago now. Can’t wait to be traveling and riding again! #foxwelive #hoffmanteam #bmx #vert #bcn” #hoffmanbikes

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Photo Caption: by @bmxzack “#tbt to last year riding megaramp and losing my shoe! #hoffmanteam #foxwelive #fail #howhighsmyshoe #sliders” #hoffmanbikes

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Empire Bmx OutSide by John watson

Tom and Tina Williams has been a staple in the Austin, Tx Bmx Scene and in fact worldwide. Empire Bmx has been a major supporter of Hoffman Bikes product for many years. It is a great honor to have great shop and people supporting Hoffman for so many years.
So who is Empire Bmx? To put it simply, they are a close group of weirdos that love BMX, with Tom and Tina the leaders. They love it enough to make it their lives, forgoing any shot at millions of possible salary dollars at high-tech companies throughout the Greater Central Texas area. Their do not have a mission statement, but they best the best to provide bmer's with the goods they need to make BMX what you want it to be for yourself.
Support those who support.
Visit Empire Bmx Photo: Josh Watson ×

Dylan Sparkman - Back On My Bike Edit

Doubling up the post today with Dylan Sparkman. Today is a triple hitter.. It's Dylan's Birthday, We posted his Bike check and now this post, Back On My Bike Edit. Dylan Sparkman is back. After 6 months of his bike here is his Dylan's I'm back on my bike edit

"I snapped my tibia and fibula in a few spots ended up having getting 2 plates 13 screws and 6 months later I'm cruising again couldn't be happier and more motivated than ever" - Dylan Sparkman

Music "K.I.D.S" by Tiny Masters of Today
Lady Luck Complete Bike

Ben Hennon is one of the most dynamic BMX riders in the world with a progressive style and is a true bad ass. The Hoffman Bikes Ben Hennon signature frame Lady Luck was one of the best selling frames last year. What better way to complement the rider and the frame by offering it as a complete bike. The Lady Luck complete bike is the top of the line in the Hoffman Bikes Complete Bike line up. With a 4130 chromoly frame, fork and bars, it also sports a pro parts package. The Lady Luck is for any rider looking for the best complete bike.

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It's time to take a look back at April's Team Video Post. We took over 2 minutes of team post to put together April's Instagram Team Mix. Aprils Instagram Team Mix features clips from Mat Hoffman, Seth Kimbrough, Ben Hennon, Zack Warden, Mason Ritter and several other Hoffman riders. Enjoy!

Music: "Cold" by Six Star General

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