Hoffman Bikes does not tolerate racism and absolutely stands with the community who seeks justice for George Floyd and his family and all black Americans who have been wrongly treated. We know this is a systemic problem in our country and want to openly denounce any ill-treatment of people of color and peaceful protesters. It has been brought to our attention there has been someone aggressively confronting peaceful protesters wearing a Hoffman Bikes shirt. We cannot control who rides our bikes or wears our shirts, but we do not stand for this. In fact, we can confidently say that racism has no room in the entire sport of BMX Freestyle and the culture of the sport will not tolerate it, as well.

Mat Hoffman 2015 Big Air Poster



Love life and make your dreams happen, no matter what! This is what 25 years of Hoffman Bikes is about to me. I was 18 when I set my first high air record. I had to build a bike I could trust my life with to achieve this. Now I’m 43 and I still make a bike that can back my dreams, no matter how big they go…

Go Anywhere, Do Anything! Hoffman Bikes 25 years Strong!

Peace, Love, BMX – Let’s have fun in 2016!

Mat Hoffman

Mat Hoffman's " Quest for High Air"

The-Quest-for-High-Air-Part-2 Danny way