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December 16, 2015
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15 Days – Day Smith

15 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary

In the late ‘80s, Kevin Jones revolutionized Flatland riding. In the early ‘90s, Jones and a select few took what he started and pushed Flatland to years ahead. One of those riders was Day Smith.

In late 1993, Day Smith and a few other southern California flatlanders packed up and headed to the 3rd round of the B.S Contest in Oklahoma City. Day Smith competed in Oklahoma City and scored a 2nd place win. Day’s riding style was a style that Mat Hoffman knew needed to be a part of Hoffman Bikes. Shortly after he received his 2nd place trophy, Mat asked Day to join the Hoffman Bikes team.

For more than a decade, Day road for Hoffman Bikes. He continued to pushed the flatland limits and, to this day, pushes Flatland riding to new levels. Day’s sections in Madd Matt, Until Monkey’s Fly and Testimony are still 3 of the best flatland video parts of all time.

Day Smith also contributed to improving and designing Flatland-specific parts. In late 1994, he worked with Kris Gack to design a new Flatland-specific peg. This design became the Day Smith “Loc” Peg; one of the most sought after and best-selling Hoffman Bikes pegs.

Day Smith Photo Gallery



1996 Day Smith Ad



Day Smith Flatbottom






95 Day Smith Loc'ed Peg DrawingLoc'ed-Rear-Pegs Loc'ed-Front-Pegs