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December 5, 2015
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December 7, 2015
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26 Days – Madd Matt Video

26 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary

Videos today are much different form videos in the early 90s. Today, almost everyone has access to a video camera of some sort, but in the early 90s, video recorders were expensive and only a handful of BMXers could afford one.

In 1994, Mat Hoffman hired Mark Eaton to record and produce the first Hoffman Bikes full length team video. Over the course of nearly a year of recording, Madd Matt was release in mid-1995. Madd Matt became one of the most anticipated team videos. The Hoffman Bikes team at the time featured many of the top BMX riders: Mat Hoffman, Jay Miron, Taj Mihelich, Day Smith, Rick Thorne, Steve Swope, Mark Owen, Dave Brumlow, Rob Sigaty and James White.


Magazine Reviews

Ride BMX UK: The long-awaited video from the Hoffman boys is finally here. Not only does it feature the burliest team in freestyle, Madd Matt is also edited by the finest video maker in freestyle; Mark Eaton was hired to make the video, and even though the film is only 35 minutes long it rules.
All the team riders are on here, including Day Smith, James White, Taj Mihelich, Jay Miron, Matt Hoffman, and the welders at the factory. But where the hell is Kevin Jones, flatland guru and designer of the Big Daddy frameset ?
Footage from contests include the BS events, around Europe, at Woodward camp, and plenty of fidge. The filming and editing is the best we’ve ever witnessed on a bike video, the music is the best music we’ve ever heard on a bike video, and the riding is the best riding we’ve ever seen on a bike video [you WILL have to see it -double flips on a funbox, Hoffman on his 25ft tall halfpipe, and more]. But what do you expect from Hoffman Bikes ? If this isn’t the best damn bike video we have EVER seen, then we’ll eat Comp 3s for a month.

Ride BMX US: Madd Matt is the highly anticipated stunt video from the boys at Hoffman Bikes. Besides being Hoffman Bikes’ first film Madd Matt is also Mark Eaton’s first flick away from York, Pennsylvania. The thought of Matt Hoffman riding and Mark Eaton editing should be enough of reason to buy Madd Matt, but there’s more. Matt riding his 21 foot high halfpipe, Taj at 9th Street in Austin, Day Smith’s flatland originality, and Jay Miron ripping hard at Woodward are just a few of Madd Matt’s hottest footage. Most of the footage is very original [not contest footage], so expect fresh, unseen stuff, including Jay nearly pulling a double backflip. Good riding by Steve Swope, Rick Thorne, Dave Brumlow, Rob Sigaty, and Chuck D round out the riding, while random dorkin’ within Hoffman Bikes and a pretty hilarious opening insure that the video is worth watching