6 Days – Hoffman Bikes Complete Bike History
December 26, 2015
4 Days – Sebastian “Bas” Keep
December 28, 2015
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5 Days – Art Thomason

5 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary

Art Thomason’s smooth and consistent riding styles and a passion to be the best he can be landed him a spot on the Hoffman Bikes team back in 2002. It didn’t hurt that he continued to claim his spot at the top with fellow flatland masters, Trevor Meyer, Day Smith, Nathan Penonzek, Leif Valin and Matt Wilhelm just to name a few.

Art’s passion for the sport is so great that he dedicated a portion of his backyard to a 40×40 cement pad. He continues to support Hoffman Bikes, rides daily and even hits up several competitions a year while holding a full time job with NASA.

Art’s passion and dedication is Hoffman Bikes. Thanks for your years of support Art!

Some photo’s provided by Chain Linkz Bmx and Hopserrain8411


Art Thomasom 1

Art THomason photo by hopesrain8411

Art THomason phtot by chainlinkzbmx