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August 11, 2012
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Jeremie Infelise Bike Check

Jeremie put together a new Lady Luck and couldn’t resist by adding a little something extra with a custom paint job.
Peep the Gif above and click through for the parts rundown along with a few more photos.
Frame: Hoffman Lady Luck 20.75
Forks: Division Brand Formosa fork
Bars: Division Brand Aesthetic
Grips: Duo Corey Martinez
Ends: Hoffman Nylon
Stem: Hoffman TL
Headset: Division Brand

Seat: Hoffman Black-Ops Phat
Post: Hoffman Uber
Cranks: Division Brand Stronghold
Sprocket: Division Brand Talladega
Chain: Shadow
Pedals: Duo

Tires: Duo Stunner and Stunner-Lo
Front Wheel: Colony front hub, Sidewall spokes, Alienation Runaway Rim
Rear Wheel: Alienation Rush V2 hub, Sidewall spokes, Colony rim
Pegs: Animal Butcher
Guards: Colony front, United, Primo plastic drive side guard.
Extras:  Custom paint, cut bars to 27″, cut extra material off of the drive side guard and put a metal washer on the outside
of it so the frame doesn’t  sink into it when I tighten by back wheel.

Sequence photos by Matt Hildebrand at Berkley University.