9 Days – Leif Valin
December 23, 2015
7 Days – Kevin Robinson
December 25, 2015
9 Days – Leif Valin
December 23, 2015
7 Days – Kevin Robinson
December 25, 2015
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8 Days – Brad Simms

8 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary

In early 2006, Will Stroud and Chad Shackleford sent us a message telling us about this rider from Maryland who just dropped one of the best edits of all time and would be a great fit for Hoffman Bikes. So, we clicked the play button and was instantly blown away. This rider was Brad Simms and within minutes we were asking for Brad’s contact info.

A few days later, Hoffman Bikes added Brad Simms to team. Before joining Hoffman Bikes, Brad had already started blazing his own path, He was one of the new school Street riders who led with innovation. Brad’s capability to hop higher and grind further set him apart from the rest and was a great fit for Hoffman Bikes.

Shortly after joining the team, Brad got started filming for his section in the next Hoffman Bikes team video “Broke Off.” After its release, Brad’s popularity skyrocketed. In late 2008, Brad started working on his signature frame and after several designs, Hoffman Bikes released the “B-Rad” Frame in late 2009.

Not many brands can say they truly had a Bad Ass on their team. Mad respect to Brad Simms.

Enjoy the Brad Simms Re-Mix edit above and the Photo Gallery Below.






Brad Simms Nohander-BU

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Brad - Justin (2)

Brad - Justin (3)

Brad - Justin (6)