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May 26, 2015
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Bike Check Wednesday with Cody Anderson

Bike Check Wednesday with Cody Anderson with Bike

Bike Check Wednesday with Cody Anderson

If you know Cody Anderson then you know he is one funny dude. His positive upbeat outlook on life makes him a perfect addition to the Hoffman Team. So take a moment and get to know Cody and his bike a little better. Enjoy!

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Shout out to Kelly Bolton for the Photos

Bike Check wednesday with cody anderson walking up stairs

What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why?  

My cranks and pedals definitely.. It’s more the less of my pedals bending outwards . I try to jump off stuff people think I need a parachute for so that might be a factor ..

Bike Check Wednesday with Cody Anderson Ice Down rail

What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in? 

I wouldn’t say I spend the most time on a certain part, but I’m sure everyone loves your bike being dialed , so I try to focus on my whole bike and make sure everything is rolling smooth as butter.

You recently moved back to Denton, TX, Give us 5 reasons you made this move?

1. The Tacos

2. The Burritos

3. I love to film and there is a majority of people out here too do that with

4. The girls are cute

5. The spots are bananas

Bike Check Wednesday with cody anderson barspin

How would you describe your riding style?


It is pretty well know that you LOVE Taco Bell. Tell us what is your normal order?

Funny omg, Taco Bell is my #1! Chicken quesadilla with a cheesy bean and rice burrito and Mexican pizza to finish it off ! lol unlimited Taco Bell would be sweet ..

What is one thing you like to accomplish within the next 6 months 

Travel travel travel that’s my passion I want to see all sorts of new people, spots , and just new places in general. And in the mean time  pump out a lots of videos and get the whole Hoffman team on a trip to film madness !


Bike Check Wednesday with Cody Anderson

Frame: Hoffman bikes Bama
Forks: Hoffman bikes Bama
Bars: Hoffman bikes Bama
Stem: Hoffman bikes TL Stem
Headset: Animal
Grips: Hoffman bikes Razz Grips
Cranks: Division Brand
Chain: Khe
Sprocket: Mutiny Pentra 25t
Pedals: Odyssey twisted pc
Bottom Bracket: Coalition
Seat: Hoffman bikes black ops
Seat Post: Fbm bike co
Front Hub: Profile
Front Rim: Odyssey hazard lite
Rear Hub: Shadow
Rear Rim: Shadow
Front Hub Guard: Gsport
Rear Hub Guard: Shadow
Front Tire: Volume vador (2.40)
Rear Tire: Volume vador (2.40)
Pegs: Cromo