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Bike Check Wednesday with Trent McDaniel

Bike Check Wednesday with Trent McDaniel Trentwithbike2

Bike Check Wednesday with Trent McDaniel

Back again with another great Bike Check Wednesday with Trent McDaniel. It has been a long hard winter this year for many of us. Trent lives in Chicago and with the frigid temperatures and massive amounts of snow have kept Trent’s riding to a minimum. Between snow storms and slightly warmer temperatures Trent has been able to hook up with locals like Brian Kachinsky and photographer  Timothy Burkhart to grab some video and photos. Between filming and photo shots we asked Trent several questions and garbed a bike check. enjoy


Bike Check Wednesday with Trent McDaniel Sunset

What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why? Tires for sure. Fresh set of tires always makes the whip feel dialed.

What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in? Probably my chain tension. Lots of grinding.

This has been a hard winter, how have you been able to keep yourself motivated? Not being able to ride actually motivates me than most things do. Not being able to ride or cruise drives me insane. Lots of spot searching.

If your bike could talk what would it say to you? Keep shreddin!

Frame: Hoffman bikes Lady Luck 21″
Forks: Division Formosa
Bars: Division c-bahs
Stem: Division terminal
Headset: Division
Grips: Odi long necks (og)
Cranks: Division valiance
Chain: Shadow
Sprocket: Division
Pedals: Animal hamiltons
Bottom Bracket: Not sure
Seat: Hoffman black ops
Seat Post: Hoffman über post
Front Hub: Sun ringle
Front Rim: Sun ringle big baller
Rear Hub: Sun ringle
Rear Rim: Sun ringle big baller
Front Hub Guard: Not sure
Rear Hub Guard: Division
Front Tire: Cult slicks
Rear Tire: Cult slicks
Pegs: Hoffman 36D
Brakes: None
Levers: None
Gyro: None

Shout out to Timothy Burkhart for all the great photos. Head over and check out his site. http://timothyburkhart.com