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January 24, 2013
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January 24, 2013
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Brandon Hopkins Day in the Life Edit


Brandon is what I would consider one of the many unsung heros of BMX; he is a show rider.  These dudes bust their ass day in and day out always on the go to make the next stop with most pulling double duty setting up/tearing down and riding.  It’s a life not for all but one of great importance in exposing our sport on a more personal level to possible new recruits.  The road may take it’s toll but to people like Brandon the reward is much greater.  To add to all of this Brandon has the limitless support from his wife Angelina who occasionally accompanies him on the road and is a rider herself.   Pretty cool.

Brandon is currently in Vegas doing Three Whips 15 feet away from elephants with the Shrine Circus.  Local Vegas videographer Dalton Campbell hooked up with him for a day to expose an average day for a show rider.  Since most shows are done on hot asphalt parking lots I would say the setting is a little more than average but you get the gist.

Fun Fact:  Morgan Wade was recruited into BMX by Mat Hoffman some years ago at a Texas State Fair show.