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January 29, 2013
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Brandon Webster US Visit

Brandon came down to the states recently for a two week trip to hit up the Maddog Jam in New Hampshire, visit Florida for some warmer weather and seek adventure anywhere in between.  Click through for  some words and photos from Brandon on his trip.
 Toronto- Miami:

I had the chance to go on a two week long road trip with my good friends Mike Gray, Eric Favot and Justin Brown recently. Our first stop was Rye, NH for The Come Up benefit jam for MADDOG it was a pretty crazy event to make it out to considering the crazy riders there. It was such a fun night and I met some great people! It was really cool to see the BMX scene come together like that to help Brett out. (Click here to watch an edit from the jam.)

After that we stopped in New York City for New Years, it was crazy to be there despite how hectic and busy the Island of Manhattan was. After that we drove to Lakewood, NJ for a session at The Incline club. Super fun park And a super cool crew of locals!

After getting a couple clips we drove to Washington DC to ride around and check out some historical monuments. If there was no security in that city, it would probably be one of the best places ever to ride street.

The next stop on the trip was Greenville, NC and thanks to Josh Perry it was one of the highlights of the trip. Josh gave us an amazing session at the animal house! It was a treat to see him flow around his local park.

The next day we had a session at Jaycee park then drove down to Jacksonville,FL to ride street, then Orlando, then finally Miami! Miami was amazing! Despite the Vespa security the street was so good! We had a great ride at Mike Spinners on the last day as well with a great group of locals. It was sad to go home but I made sure to take advantage of the warm weather while it was available!