September 11, 2017

Cody Anderson Q&A and Bike Check

Cody Anderson Q&A Over the past year you’ve had two surgeries and just recently got the OK from your doctor to start riding again. How does it feel to be back? YESSSS I wish it was one surgery, but unfortunately I messed it up pretty good so I needed a follow up surgery but its all gucci now just a lot of working it out because my nerves are wild . Shoutout to my Doctor Mr. Green for making me a robot and yes I’m stoked to be back and can’t wait to start working on some new projects for Hoffman and some other surprises soon. What I really want is to know what you all wanna: see give me a comment below and lets party. What have you been doing to keep yourself entertained while you were off your bike? Oh goodness I know everyone that rides bmx gets […]
June 23, 2017

Mason Ritter Early Summer Edit

For the past few months Mason Ritter has been working with Filmer/Editor Murphy Moschetta hitting the local PA spots for this early summer edit. Mason wanted this early summer edit to be relaxed with a few bangers. If this relaxed with a few bangers then we can’t wait for the next edit. Be sure to check out his barrel roll fakie thingy. Rider: Mason Ritter Filmed & Edited: Murphy Moschetta www.murphymoschetta.com
April 22, 2016

Leaked – Mat Hoffman Big Air Footage

Mat Hoffman Big Air Footage Leaked Mat Hoffman Big Air. In 2015 Mat Hoffman had several secret Big Air sessions. During one of the sessions Mat Hoffman broke the high air record. Full Big Air Edit coming soon, but here is a leaked portion of this edit. BLASTING INTO 25 YEARS ….. Love life and make your dreams happen, no matter what! This is what 25 years of Hoffman Bikes is about to me. I was 18 when I set my first high air record. I had to build a bike I could trust my life with to achieve this. Now I’m 43 and I still make a bike that can back my dreams, no matter how big they go… Go Anywhere, Do Anything! Hoffman Bikes 25 years Strong! Peace, Love, BMX – Let’s have fun in 2016! –Mat Hoffman
November 26, 2015

36 Days – Kevin Jones

36 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanks for almost 25 years!!! Today we celebrate Hoffman Bikes team rider Kevin Jones. In 1987 Mat Hoffman and Kevin Jones toured the world together on Skyway and united their passion for pushing what is possible on a bicycle.  So when Kevin mentioned to Mat he wanted to design a bike that could keep up with his innovation, it was on. Kevin joined Hoffman Bikes and developed what would become Hoffman Bikes next frame. That frame became the “Big Daddy”. Kevin Kevin is credited as the innovator of modern day flatland riding. His exploits have been well documented in the ‘Dorkin’ In York’ video series.  He has had an incredible influence on flatland and all of bmx worldwide. Music: Pegboy Video provided by: Mark Eaton “Wheelies” Kevin Jones Dorkin’ 10 Segment Kevin Jones Photo Gallery