June 23, 2017

Mason Ritter Early Summer Edit

For the past few months Mason Ritter has been working with Filmer/Editor Murphy Moschetta hitting the local PA spots for this early summer edit. Mason wanted this early summer edit to be relaxed with a few bangers. If this relaxed with a few bangers then we can’t wait for the next edit. Be sure to check out his barrel roll fakie thingy. Rider: Mason Ritter Filmed & Edited: Murphy Moschetta www.murphymoschetta.com
April 22, 2016

Leaked – Mat Hoffman Big Air Footage

Mat Hoffman Big Air Footage Leaked Mat Hoffman Big Air. In 2015 Mat Hoffman had several secret Big Air sessions. During one of the sessions Mat Hoffman broke the high air record. Full Big Air Edit coming soon, but here is a leaked portion of this edit. BLASTING INTO 25 YEARS ….. Love life and make your dreams happen, no matter what! This is what 25 years of Hoffman Bikes is about to me. I was 18 when I set my first high air record. I had to build a bike I could trust my life with to achieve this. Now I’m 43 and I still make a bike that can back my dreams, no matter how big they go… Go Anywhere, Do Anything! Hoffman Bikes 25 years Strong! Peace, Love, BMX – Let’s have fun in 2016! –Mat Hoffman
October 14, 2015

Will Loves October Short Edit

Will Love sent over some clips to be used for the HOFFMAN BIKES 2015 TEAM WEB EDIT. Some of the clips where not used, so we combined them with the clips used in the team edit to make this Will Love short edit. enjoy.. https://instagram.com/hoffmanbikes/ http://facebook.com/hoffmanbikes/ http://google.com/+Hoffmanbikes91  
October 9, 2015

Matt Wilhelm Fall 2015 Edit

Here’s a short edit we put together from clips used in the Hoffman Bikes 2015 web edit. Matt showing us he has spinning skills for days. – enjoy Follow Matt http://instagram.com/mattwilhelmbmx Follow Hoffman Bikes https://instagram.com/hoffmanbikes/ http://facebook.com/hoffmanbikes/ http://google.com/+Hoffmanbikes91 Music: “Dig Your Own Soul” by Eaters http://www.eatersmusic.co.uk