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November 23, 2015
37 Days – Condor Frame Evolution
November 25, 2015
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38 Days – Davin “Psycho” Hallford | OG TEAM

38 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary

Davin “Psycho” Hallford completes our OG Team roster. This fearless Gladiator, known for his all-out attitude and style, made an impact that helped shape what Street is today. Psycho is also known for his creative art style. He designed the original Hoffman Bikes Flaming H logo, the original Condor bike graphics and other timeless logos and graphics for Hoffman Bikes and the Bicycle Stunt Series.

Here is a video that Paul Covey posted of Davin which includes early 90’s contest footage and 1997 Hoffman Bikes warehouse session.

Davin “Psycho” Hallford Photo Gallery

Davin Hallford Bmx Plus Cover 2001 Davin Hallford Bmx Plus 2001 Davin-Psycho-Halford-January-1991-BMX-Plus Davin Hallford EK Days Distance Jump 2008 Davin Hallford EK Days Rope Pull 2008 Davin Hallford Art Work Davin Hallford Helment Shot Dravin Hallford 1989 Photo Spike Jonez