2 Days – Seth Kimbrough
December 30, 2015
Blasting into 25 Years
January 1, 2016
2 Days – Seth Kimbrough
December 30, 2015
Blasting into 25 Years
January 1, 2016
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Day 1 – 1991 to 2015 Hoffman Bikes Team Video

1 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary

Over the course of 25 years, many of the legendary riders called Hoffman Bikes home at one point in their riding careers. Riders like Taj Mihelich, Dave Mirra, Jay Miron, Kevin Jones and Joe “Butcher” Kowalski, just to name a few. It has been an honor to have so many great, talented riders ride for Hoffman Bikes. Only a handful of companies have been around as long as Hoffman Bikes. To be able to say that many of the legends today rode for Hoffman Bikes is astonishing.

Since the original 1991 team (Mat Hoffman, Dave Mirra, Rick Thorne, Steve Swope and Davin Hallford), Hoffman Bikes has sponsored 115 plus riders and employed over 30 awesome people. It’s an honor to have so many riders represent and ride our products and to have employees who put their heart and soul into making the Hoffman Bikes dream come true.

With that we leave you with this one hell of a Hoffman Bikes team video which highlights over 70 Hoffman Bike riders of the past 24 years.

Traindodge “The Raining Room”
Six Star General “Five Years”
Earth Witch “Green Tourch”
Bad Wizard “Hurricane”
Bill Goat | Mike Dillon “Old School”

Shout out to Paul Covey, Luke Kyriazis, Kela Yasuda, Props Visual Bmx Video Magazine, Justin Brown, Eddie Roman and anyone that we missed that help supply video to make this happen.

Hoffman Bikes 1991 to 2015 team list

Achim Kujawski
Adam Pope
Alvaro Santalucia
Andrew Sowerby
Anthony Napolitan
Armando Del Rey
Art Thomason
Ben Hennon
Billy Kibler
Bob Manchester
Brad Simms
Brandon Webster
Brian Tunney
Bruce Crisman
Carlo Griggs
Chad Herrington
Chad Kagy
Chase Gouin
Chris Breen
Chris Souter
Chris Stauffer
Clint Allen
Clint Millar
Cody Anderson
Cory Bolton
Dan Price
Daniel Holzinger
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Randall
Daniel Shepherd
Darren Hughes
Dave Brumlow
Dave Mirra
Dave Young
David Cleary
David Padilla
David Quesada
Day Smith
Del Shepherd
Davin Halford
Dravin Hallford
Dylan Sparkman

Eduardo Terreros
Eric Maltese
Eugene Collins
Evel Knievel
Fran Valdizaban
Gerry Galley
Hersh Patel
Jabari Winters
Jamie Merritt
James Anderson
James White
Jamie Skinner
Jay Miron
Jeremy Hrabal
Jeremie Infelise
Jim Burgess
Jimmy Walker
Joe Kowalski
John Shaw
Jon Taylor
Justin Jester
Kanya Ohnishi
Kazuo Okada
Kevin Jones
Kevin Robinson
Koji Kraft
Lawan Cunningham
Leif Valin
Mark Owen
Mark Potoczny
Mark Schneider
Mason Ritter
Mat Hoffman
Matt Gipson
Matt Holms
Matt Whilhelm
Matt Ray
Mel Cody
Micheal Sieren
Mike Escamilla

Mikey Babbel
Morgan Wade
Nick Kirkland
Owain Clegg
Pat Miller
Patrick Rohn
Paul Bailey
Pedro Dos Santos
Raul Padilla
Richard Ball
Rick Thorne
Rob Sigaty
Rob Slater
Robbie Compartno
Ross Hill
Ruben Alcantara
Ryan Barrett
Scotty Yoquelet
Sebastian Keep
Seth Kimbrough
Shane Weston
Simon Tabron
Steve Swope
Sven Fanghanel
Taj Mihelich
Tammy Storer
Thomas Clappison
Toby Forte
Trent McDaniel
Troy Brookshire
Will Love
Zack Warden
Zack Williams