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December 1, 2015
29 Days – 1994-1995 Hoffman Bikes Ads
December 3, 2015
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30 Days – 1994 Warehouse Machine Shop

30 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary

Late 1993, Hoffman Bikes cleared out part of the warehouse and moved all outside manufacturing to in-house. Hoffman Bikes hired BMX rider/Machinist Master Kris Gack to manage the machine shop. Shortly after Kris arrived in Oklahoma, the search started for other BMXers to join. Kris found BMX riders/Weld Masters Paul Murray and Shane Kinsley. HB employee/rider Mark “Chuck D” Owen stepped up to help in the shop at that time and is still here today!

By mid 1994, Hoffman Bikes machine shop started pumping out Hoffman products like the Condor Frame, Big Daddy Frames, Bars and Forks.

Below you will find the 1994 BmxPlus! article they printed about Hoffman Bikes Manufacturing.

Hats off to Adam Dawson for finding some of the photos shown below!

1994 Ramp Room Machine Shop - BMX Plus

1994 Ramp Room Machine Shop - Crew 1