36 Days – Kevin Jones
November 26, 2015
Day 34 – 1992-1993 Hoffman Ads
November 28, 2015
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35 Days – Big Daddy Frame

35 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary

After joining the team In 1993, Kevin Jones got to work designing his signature frame. After months of working out the design and testing several proto-types the news frame was put into production and dubbed ‘The Big Daddy.’ Just as Kevin revolutionized modern flatland so did his frame, and is still a sought after bike to this day.

Kevin Jones signature frame “The Big Daddy” was ranked 8th in ESPN’s Twenty Progressive Signature Frames. Designed by Kevin Jones and built by Hoffman Bikes in Oklahoma City, the Big Daddy frame was HB’s first frame devoted to flatland. Shorter and more and more responsive than the Condor, with a built-in frame platform, the Big Daddy was responsible for the progression of Jones’ modern day flatland riding throughout the ‘90s as seen in the Dorkin’ In York videos series. – ESPN, Brian Tunney

Music: Pegboy
Thanks to: adamdawsonthiagoflatflatpro, Stuart Potter for supplying some of the photos used.

Big Daddy Photo Gallery

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1993 Big Daddy - Day Smithbig-daddy-spec-cpia_blowup -thiagoflat

1993 Big Daddy - Dave Mirra 1993 Big Daddy - Bmxplus Test 1 1993 Big Daddy - Bmxplus Test 2 1993 Big Daddy - Bmxplus Test 3 ESPN_twenty_top_progressive_signature_frame_big_daddy1993 Big Daddy BB - Photo by thiagoflat dsc081081-cpia_blowup - thiagoflat 1995 Big Daddy Frame - from flatpro BigDaddy.1.4.1994 BigDaddy1995