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November 24, 2015
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37 Days – Condor Frame Evolution

37 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary

Tired of risking his life on sub-par frames, Mat Hoffman went to the drawing board in 1991 to design and build one of the best BMX frames of all time. Here we are, nearly 25 years later, and the Condor frame is one of the only BMX frames that has stood the test of time.

Just a few years ago, ESPN’s Brian Tunney listed the Condor Frame as the No. 1 most progressive signature bmx frame. “The HB Condor was the frame of choice for Mat Hoffman, Jay Miron, Dave Mirra and countless others. The Condor’s strength and modern geometry helped to push the boundaries of what was possible on a BMX bike, and countless acts of progression have been documented on the many Condor frames sold since its introduction.” – ESPN, Brian Tunney

Full Condor Evolution Edit is in the works. For now here are just a few of the Condor frames from 1991 to 2015.

1992 Condor Complete Bike

(photo provided by: Stuart Potter)
1992 Hoffman Bikes Condor Complete Bike Side photo by Stuart Potter 1992 Hoffman Bikes Condor Complete Bike Close up photo by Stuart Potter1992 Hoffman Bikes Condor Complete Bike Angle photo by Stuart Potter


1995 Condor Frame

Condor.8.22.1995.2 Condor8.22.1995


1998 Condor Frame


2000 Condor Complete Bike



2004 Condor Complete Bike and Frame



2006 Condor Frame


2008 Condor Frame



2011 Condor Frame

CondorFrame-Blue CondorFrame-CP



2015 Condor Frame

HB30016_Condor_BLK HB30015_Condor_PRP HB30017_Condor_CHM