Kevin Turns 40!
December 16, 2011
Merry Christmas
December 24, 2011
Kevin Turns 40!
December 16, 2011
Merry Christmas
December 24, 2011
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Fresh Faces: Dylan Sparkman

We are doing a little something with the fresh blood on our team to help everyone get more acquainted with the new faces who will be representing Hoffman in 2012.  Along with a bike check, each rider will have a few random questions to answer to give you a better idea on who they are and what they are about.  We want to kick things off with Bama to Cali transplant Dylan Sparkman.

Dylan has been killing it under the radar for a while now.  After leaving Bama for San Fran his riding escalated and Seth made sure he continues with a Bama frame under him.  Read on……..
You moved to San Fran from Bama, what brought you there and how long have you been there?  Uhh well I was in my second year of college hella bored with school and with Alabama, even tho I was getting 2 travel just wasnt enough. Had a spot lined up in the bay and really was just like fuck it never been there the worse could happen is move back and say I tried but I made it and been doindamos every since outhere! 2yrs now!
How are you liking it so far?  its amazing all the homies out here r hella chill and shit always down for ridin or just having a good time i def c myself being n the bay 4 awhile
What’s one thing you miss about Bama?  MOMs cooking/friends
How did riding for Hoffman come about?  IDK, ha STOKED! well ive known seth 4 hella long since b4 riding bikes and then when i was like 15 started really riding bikes quit all the hs sports shit. Rode a lot went on trips starting doing demos but was always wanting 2 b n the streets after i moved 2 cali started doindamos 🙂 and after interbike seth ask me if i was interested i thought he was joking cause we had talked about it b4 but it wasnt ha and now i couldnt really b happier THANKS GUYS!
You are working at a coffee shop right now, are you into coffee or is it just a job right now?   I went into it as just a job but after waking up at 5 am i started 2 drink it a lil not 2 bad haha
Are you out there “doindamos?” HELL YEA its tha least i could do! Its away of life messels mostn kiln yeee!
Want to give a brief description on “doindamos” means?  its a way of life weouthere most u can do keepin it live all the time! hard 2 explain haha
Any other sponsors?Auviq clothing and  Modify Watches

Frame: Bama 21
Bars: Bama 8.3
Forks: Bama
Stem/headset: Hoffman
Wheels;HB hubs w/gsport rims
seat/post HB Black-Ops
grips: ODI
sprocket: HB Dinky
pegs: 4 Hoffman 36D Cromo
tires:Animal GLH