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February 15, 2012
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February 16, 2012
Mikey Babbel Bike Check
February 15, 2012
Lea D in Inked Mag
February 16, 2012
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Fresh Faces: James Anderson

Following his welcome edit.  We thought it would be a time to release his Fresh Faces spot.
Click through to check it out.
You are currently living in Oklahoma, have you lived there all your life?
Yeah I’ve lived in Oklahoma all my life, born and raised.
Since you are from the newer generation of internet and webvids, what would you prefer; a web edit or a dvd?
I’d think I would say dvd just because you put more time into one but you could say that for a web video too but yeah dvd for sure.
What is your favorite  dvd? Why?
Favorite dvd is either The Trip dvd that Miles made (the one that I stole from Jeremie) or Cult “let’em talk.”
You have been going back and forth between a cassette and a coaster, why haven’t you committed to one or the other already?
I’m not sure why, I had my freecoaster on for like 4 months and recently I just put my other wheel on but I don’t know, I don’t like to stick to a particular set up.  I’m always trying to do somthing to my whip.
You recently got a camera to start filming, how is that going?  you having fun with it and what are some pros and cons to owning a camera?
Yeah I was always wanting one and I have a really cool grandma and she saw I wanted to film so I got a vx2100, and Jeremie hooked it up with a deathlens! I have a blast every time I get it out to set up and film with.  Filming makes me happy, and there is no cons to owning a camera I’m down to film anyone!
Camera snob or down to be productive by any means?
I’m always down to film no matter what it is. just stupid stuff or serious tricks whatever it is its always fun!
How did riding for Hoffman come about?
I’ve ridin a Hoffman since my first bmx bike in 06 so I’ve never ridin anything else and I’ve been bestfriends with Jeremie for awhile now.  Last year he wanted to start a grassroot thing with Sidewall to help riders out with stuff and I was the first one he wanted on so that was awsome.  Then late summer he asked me to be on Hoffman and I was blown away that him and Mark would consider me!  So thanks guys with everything!