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October 21, 2013
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October 22, 2013
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Photo Caption: by @condorbmx “#mh_skyjounal (part 1) – I wanted to see what would happen if I rode my bike out of a plane. So I took a trip to Eloy Az., hired a plane
and took a ride up to 16,000 feet. I was afraid if I rode my bike straight out the back then the gusting wind under the plane would swipe my bike out from under my feet, so I did a half flip to my back and rode the wind current out like a slide. Once I got stable I was able to fly my bike using the wheel as the rudder. that was rad. Once I opened my parachute I couldn’t see anyone on the desert land, so I flew over to a house in the middle of nowhere. I landed and saw a little kid in the middle of the dessert, in summer, by a fire, roasting marshmallows. I gathered my parachute up walked over to him. He pulled his stick out of the fire and said, “would you like a marshmallow”. I said sure, I swiped it from his stick, sat down on a log next to him and asked him where the nearest road was. he pointed and said, “7 miles that way”. I licked my lips, threw my parachute over my shoulders and started walking. he didn¹t ask any questions; I didn’t ask any questions, and I got a free marshmallow. it was all good. haha. the next jump I decided to get the most out of control as I could to see if I could hold on. I¹ll show that tomorrow. that got a little crazy.” #hoffmanteam

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