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June 26, 2012
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July 3, 2012
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HB Shining in X-Games Big Air

Ok, so I finally got to sit down and watch some of the footage from last nights epic event of BMX Big Air.  I was limited to Twitter for updates during the actual event.  First things first, I’m stoked no one was seriously injured this year.  I guess Anthony Napolitan knocked his head pretty good but I don’t think it was anything too major, hope you’re feeling better dude!  We are proud of both our dudes Zack Warden and Kevin Robinson for taking up two spots on the podium.  The amount of work these guys have done over the past year leading up to this event is phenomenal and definitely paid off.  Quite the polar opposite of the event last year for those two.
Check out the highlights video Ride BMX threw up.