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November 16, 2011
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November 17, 2011
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Hoffman would like to Welcome Dylan Sparkman to the team

We are proud to announce another addition to the family coming with referral from none other than Seth Kimbrough.
We are going to let Seth take this one………..

“I’ve known Dylan since he was about nine.  He grew up in my town and has always been so stoked to ride his bike.
He’s never been concerned with what others are doing, he just seems to do his own thing.  And that’s good to see these
days.  Within the past couple years he made the move to Cali and has only seemed to progress at a fast pace.  So with
that said; I’m stoked to welcome Dylan to the HB family.  BAMA!!”  -Seth

Dylan is currently working on a welcome edit.  Until then enjoy the previous edits we scrounged up and check out some
photos by Kyle Emery-Peck and check out Kyle’s site in your free time.