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February 3, 2015
Hoffman Bikes Team Instagram Video Mix #2
Hoffman Bikes Team Instagram Video Mix #2
February 5, 2015
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Mason Ritter is the Trickster

Mason Ritter Winter Welcome Jam The Wheel Mill 2

Mason Ritter is the Trickster

Back on January 17, The Wheel Mill put on the Winter Welcome Jam. The Winter Welcome Jam featured Kids Lap Challenge, street Rail Jam, Pump Track Jam, The Woods Jump Jam and the Lag Challenge. With all the awards that handed out the one award that everyone was fighting for the “Best Trickster” award.

Mason Ritter is a frequent visitor to The Wheel Mill bike part managed to throw down some of the most insane tricks of the day. Trick like the Serran wrap to Peter Pan, 360 double whip, bar hop and heel clicker to whip won Mason Ritter the award “Best Trickter” 

Here are some images that Murphy Lee Moschetta took of Mason Ritter killing it.

here is the Winter Welcome Jam video that The Wheel Mill put together.