Orbit Weekend
December 5, 2012
Division Worldwide Mix #1
December 8, 2012
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Mega Ramp Video Game

Kevin hit us up with big news that MegaRamp The Game for Apple devices was just released which features Kevin as a
character! We all hurried to download it and got a few runs in before coffee. The game is fun and the graphics are sick
though the moves are a little challenging to get down which can be good or bad.
Search for MegaRamp The Game in the app store and get a little closer perspective on what it’s like to hit that monster
of a ramp…..

BMX games for mobile devices are popping up quite frequently lately.  At the rate they are going hopefully it will help
turn the proper heads to get another game developed on a more desired platform such as XBOX and PS3…..  It can definietly
help but only with the support from our community by supporting these smaller games first.