Kevin at Asian X-Games
May 2, 2012
Seth Bike Check Vid
May 10, 2012
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On the road with Jabari and Hersh gathering up some footage for some upcoming stuff.  Click through for a few words
on what has been going on the past few days and some more photos.  -Jeremie
Everyone  got in Memphis on Friday and hooked up with the man Will Blount.  We spent the weekend exploring around and getting a few things done.  Memphis has quite a bit to offer for sure.  We spent the good part of Sunday at a school with endless possibilities then went to one of the best pizza places.  On the way back to Will’s it started to rain so hard, with the forecast being rain all night and most of Monday  (today) we let loose by drinking a six pack, played board games and stayed up super late.  Right now we are getting ready to pack up and head to Nashville where hopefully there is better weather.