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June 15, 2012
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June 22, 2012
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San Antonio Trip

Some of the boys are on a trip to San Antonio, click through to see what has gone down so far.
Jeremy Hrabal, Jeremie Infelise and Mikey Babbel are in San Antonio for a week to get some filming done for some upcoming projects.  The first few days have been amazing and memorable for sure.  Jeremy filmed the craziest banger first stop of the trip, and he also sent his bike into an on coming car in traffic.  The dude wasn’t mad but he did stop by to tell us some sick street spots and to see what kind of equipment we were filming with.  Jeremie and Mikey have been cruising along staying consistent on getting good stuff as well.  We snagged us quite an eventful place to stay for a few nights though.  They party all night, make their booty calls make us food and everyone almost got beat up by said chef.  Never a dull moment on the road.