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April 23, 2015
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Sebastian Keep’s Ride UK Bmx final cover

This week Ride UK Bmx announced that it will no longer offering Ride UK Bmx in printed form. The final cover was one that was top-secret until this week. Once Hoffman Rider, Sebastian Keep was giving a ground breaking, extraordinary opportunity, to do something insane for the final printed cover for Ride UK Bmx.

Sebastian never did things half ass and what he did for the final cover has surpassed all prior achievements. So much that media and riders are comparing this to Mat Hoffman’s first Big Air photo that ran in Ride Bmx back in 1992. We agree. So HUGE shout out to Sebastian Keep for making BMX History and continuing to make BMX, BMX.

What an Honor to be able to list Sebastian Keep as one of top Hoffman Riders of all times.

Sebastian Keep Ride Bmx UK final cover

This is a 22ft gap to wall ride, from a kicker ramp on the elevated road above, into a 32ft high wall ride down the side of a multi-storey car park and into a 12ft quarter pipe. To put it bluntly, this is death defying. It is a giant leap into new realms of preparation, commitment, skill, height, speed and danger. It is monumental moment of BMX history and it is British moment at that – a fitting end to our print history. – George Marshall