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Product Flashback – SPC UHMW PEG


Product Flashback – 2003 product year we introduced the SPC peg. Hoffman at the time was the first to introduce the removable plastic sleeve using a unique UHMW material. — #hoffmanbikeshistory

The SPC peg was designed to tackle all riding environments. What does SPC stand for? “S” is for Street, “P” is for Park, “C” is for Cement. So what makes this peg different from any other peg on the market? That would be the removable UHMW-PE sleeve. What is UHMW-PE? UHMW defined is Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. 7 times lighter then Steel, 3 times lighter than Aluminum, Unmatched Impact strength and you can grind pretty much anything. Use the Sleeve all the time or part time. With a few turns on the end plug bolt you are able to remove the sleeve without taking your peg off.