December 8, 2015

24 Days – 1997 Product Guide

24 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary In 1997, when seat posts reached new heights, Hoffman Bikes released its 3rd full product catalog, introducing several new goodies. The Flash frame and fork kit, Light Bars, Low Drag Bars, Day Smith Loc’ed pegs and the Mat Hoffman Boks shoes.  For the 1997 product line, we also released updated Super Forks and Love Handle bars. See photos of Steve Swope, Day Smith, Rick Thorne, Mike Escamilla, Taj Mihelich, Matt Gibson, Mark Owen and Mat Hoffman testing it all out and the infamous quadruple hat stack by Mike “Big Island” Castillo while taking orders.  EXTREEM! Tune in and take a closer look at the 1997 product catalog.