August 24, 2011

Matt Wilhelm AGT Semi-Finals

Here is Matt’s Semi-Finals act for America’s Got Talent. It’s a bummer he had a small mistake, but he carried on strong.  Hopefully he advances to the finals and wins big.  I watched a few of the acts and there are only a few people with raw original talent and Matt is definitely one of them.  I hope ‘merica sees that.
August 11, 2011

Matt Wilhelm on America’s Got Talent

After winning the YouTube round of America’s got talent, last night Matt was able to show off his skills on national TV.  The “psychedelic trick cyclist” put on an awesome show with “his bike as his dance partner.”  The show put up his section from last night which also includes a small segment on how all of this came about for Matt.  It starts out with just a bike riding around then Matt floating around, and lastly pulls it all together for a trippy act.  My mom kept texted me last night asking if I knew “Matt Willhouse”, I told her “it’s Wilhelm and yes you better vote for him.”  Congrats Matt and good luck for the remainder of the show.