December 26, 2015

6 Days – Hoffman Bikes Complete Bike History

6 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary From Hoffman Bikes first production in 1992 to 2015, complete bikes have always been a staple item in the Hoffman Bikes product line. In early 1992, the Condor complete bike was introduced. From that point on, many complete bikes followed. Over the course of 24 years, Hoffman Bikes has introduced more than 100 complete bike models. We offered everything from entry level to pro-level complete bikes, which our team rode. The complete bike specs can speak for themselves, but there are those times when a name can help. We have always been know to have product names that have underlying meanings and this made Hoffman products stand out. Today we pay homage to those groundbreaking complete bikes like: Condor, Big Daddy, Taj, The Egg, Sugar Baby, George, Flash, SD-4, EP, Deebo, Flow, Dirt Merchant, Cirrus, Aggroman, Evil Ninja, just to name a few. […]