December 17, 2015

15 Days – Day Smith

15 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary In the late ‘80s, Kevin Jones revolutionized Flatland riding. In the early ‘90s, Jones and a select few took what he started and pushed Flatland to years ahead. One of those riders was Day Smith. In late 1993, Day Smith and a few other southern California flatlanders packed up and headed to the 3rd round of the B.S Contest in Oklahoma City. Day Smith competed in Oklahoma City and scored a 2nd place win. Day’s riding style was a style that Mat Hoffman knew needed to be a part of Hoffman Bikes. Shortly after he received his 2nd place trophy, Mat asked Day to join the Hoffman Bikes team. For more than a decade, Day road for Hoffman Bikes. He continued to pushed the flatland limits and, to this day, pushes Flatland riding to new levels. Day’s sections in Madd Matt, Until Monkey’s […]