March 4, 2015

Bike Check Wednesday – Dravin Groove

Bike Check Wednesday – Dravin Groove Dravin has ridden Hoffman Bikes products for a long time. With his recent addition to the Hoffman team we figure what better rider to start off Bike Check Wednesday. 1. How long have you been riding this set up? Since October 2014 2. Do you modify any parts or frame? Modified bottom dropouts for grinding 3. What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in? Headset & that everything is BMX tight & aligned. 4. How often do you clean your bike? Not very 5. How long have you been riding brakeless? and why. Since I was 14 because Mat Hoffman that’s why. 6. What is up with the spider ring on the chain stays? People think it’s real at first, I forget where it came from, but I put it on around Halloween & it hasn’t came off since.   Frame: Hoffman Bikes […]
December 10, 2014

Dravin Hallford Joins Hoffman Bikes Flow Team

Hoffman Bikes started back in 1991 with the graphical help of legend Davin Hallford, aka Psycho. Over the next 20+ years, Psycho graced us with his original style and a baby Psycho. He installed his diehard passion for BMX into his son Dravin Hallford, aka Groove. Groove has taken that to a new level with his flow and style. We are PROUD to welcome Groove, “the Psycho seed,” to the Hoffman Bikes flow team. Welcome to the Hoffman Family, Groove! It was only a matter of time…. Groove joins HB Flow team members: Cody Anderson, Will Love and Mason Ritter; as well as, Pro/Lifers Mat Hoffman, Mikey Babbel, Ben Hennon, Jeremy Hrabal, Kevin Jones, Seth Kimbrough, Trent McDaniel, Kevin Robinson, Dylan Sparkman, Art Thomason, Morgan Wade, Zack Warden, Matt Wilhelm; and International team members Bob Manchester, Kanya Ohnishi, Daniel Shepherd, Del Shepherd and Jamie Skinner.