December 12, 2015

20 Days – 14mm Gack Hubs

20 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary When the use of pegs on ramps and street was on the rise in the late 80s and the early 90s, the issue with ⅜” axles bending and breaking became an epidemic. Even though companies used better materials, like chromoly axles, the issues continued. Kris Gack, Hoffman Bikes shop master had the solution. Kris first approached Mat at the 1993 Thrasherland BS Contest with this new hub/axle design that would solve the ⅜” axle issues. After joining forces in late 1993, Kris Gack and Hoffman Bikes put these designs to the test. After months of testing and without issues, in 1994, Hoffman Bikes released the industry’s first 14mm Axle hubs called “Gack Hubs.” Hoffman Bikes Gack Hubs became the biggest thing since chromoly tubing. With ⅜” axles still the industry standard, Hoffman Bikes took the lead and started designing and producing frames, forks, […]