December 10, 2015

22 Days – Hoffman Bikes Park

22 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary In early 1993, Mat Hoffman needed a place to host Round 3 of the Bicycle Stunt (BS) contest, so he decided to use some of the unused land behind the Hoffman Bikes warehouse to build a bike park. The park offered a pro-level flatland area, park course, vert ramp and, even, Mat’s first 21’ tall quarter pipe. In addition to innovative product, Hoffman Bikes was one of the first companies to invest in BMX by having a contest series and a park. The Hoffman Bikes park became a template for future parks that would open in the mid-to-late 90s. The Hoffman Bikes park was open to the public and became a must stop for all BMXers worldwide. The park stayed open until late 1995, right before Hoffman Bikes moved to a new location where the new indoor private Secret Ninja Ramp and park […]