March 3, 2016


Hoffman Bikes‘ UK rider Jamie Skinner has been on fire lately and built up this all-new Bama set-up. Is it a coincidence that the new white 2016 Hoffman Bama complete bike is the same color combo as Jamie’s bike? Probably not!  Let’s get into Jamie’s new bike here. Read more at bmx.com  
July 24, 2015

Nice Set-Up – Jamie Skinner – Hoffman Bikes

Jamie Skinner – Set Up The crew at RideUK BMX just posted up Jamie Skinners new set up. Take a moment and check it out. CLICK HERE
May 13, 2015

Bike Check Wednesday with Jamie Skinner

Bike Check Wednesday with Jamie Skinner This weeks Bike Check Wednesday comes to us from across the pond with HB UK Pro Jamie Skinner’s. Here is Jamie Skinner’s bike check, Q&A, and video bike check and photos. Enjoy! Jamie Skinner Q&A What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why?   I would say that it has to be grips. New grips feel so much better. What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in?  Wheels. Got to keep them running sweet. Last year the Hoffman Bikes UK Distributor, CSG got you hooked up riding for Hoffman Bikes. How did that come about?  I was riding for radio bikes through csg at the time, Mark Noble contacted me saying that he was putting together a UK Hoffman team and asked if I wanted to be park […]
December 9, 2014

Hoffman Instagram by @jamieskinner09 “Lookback…

by @jamieskinner09 "Lookback at the @junkyardskatepark from @theboardinghouse Christmas party at the weekend. Thanks @tempomedia for the photo #Bmx #junkyardskatepark #hoffmanbikes" #hoffmanteam #hoffmanbikes