November 30, 2015

32 Days – Jay Miron

32 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary Jay Miron, also known as the “Canadian Beast,” joined Hoffman Bikes in early 1993. When Jay joined the team, he left his Canadian homeland and moved to Oklahoma City to ride and work for Hoffman Bikes. Late 1994, Jay assisted Kris Gack in the design and development of his signature frame. One of Jay’s specifications was that it had to come with a built-in bottle opener. Before HB was able to debut his signature model, he received a good offer to ride for Schwinn. Ultimately, Jay took his prototype to Schwinn (without bottle opener), which became their “custom” top tube design for years to come.  (see below) Jay’s progressive style and ability to ride anything took the Hoffman Bikes team to a whole new level. Jay’s Photo Gallery & Interview