August 3, 2013

Kevin’s Last X-Games Run

Huge shout out goes to long time HB rider Kevin Robinson.. Just over a week ago, Kevin announced that he was going to retire from BMX competition and the 2013 X-Games in LA will be the platform to do so. We can not be more excited for Kevin and wish him all the best.
July 30, 2013

Kevin Robinson Calls XGames LA His Last

So after 22 years as a professional BMX rider, Robinson will take his final contest runs during the Big Air finals on Aug. 2 at X Games Los Angeles at Irwindale Speedway. After competing in 17 X Games, winning four gold medals, undergoing 45 surgeries and, most importantly, becoming a dad to Shaye, 8, Kevin Jr., 7, and Riley, 3, Robinson is ready to trade his spot at the top of the roll-in for a seat in the X Games announcer’s booth – X-games READ MORE AT X-GAMES.COM
May 2, 2012

Kevin at Asian X-Games

Kevin sent through some words and this epic photo from his China trip.  Photo from Morgan Wade’s iPhone. “So Asian X was my 1st contest in 20 months. It was in Shanghai China. The mini mega contest I qualified 4th & ended up in 5th. But what made me happier than that was once again pushing my progression & the progression of my sport. I did the 1st no handed 1 footed flair. Soooo happy! ” -Kevin