July 30, 2013

Kevin Robinson Calls XGames LA His Last

So after 22 years as a professional BMX rider, Robinson will take his final contest runs during the Big Air finals on Aug. 2 at X Games Los Angeles at Irwindale Speedway. After competing in 17 X Games, winning four gold medals, undergoing 45 surgeries and, most importantly, becoming a dad to Shaye, 8, Kevin Jr., 7, and Riley, 3, Robinson is ready to trade his spot at the top of the roll-in for a seat in the X Games announcer’s booth – X-games READ MORE AT X-GAMES.COM
May 2, 2012

Kevin at Asian X-Games

Kevin sent through some words and this epic photo from his China trip.  Photo from Morgan Wade’s iPhone. “So Asian X was my 1st contest in 20 months. It was in Shanghai China. The mini mega contest I qualified 4th & ended up in 5th. But what made me happier than that was once again pushing my progression & the progression of my sport. I did the 1st no handed 1 footed flair. Soooo happy! ” -Kevin