December 23, 2015

9 Days – Leif Valin

9 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary Leif Valin is a unique individual. He has the strongest hands in the world and will crush your kneecap like a twig. Leif has a great sense of humor – very dry, but very witty. He is also a very original and creative Flatlander. Leif is a good individual just trying to make it in life, being happy and riding his bike the best he can. – Leigh Ramsdell 2001 We think Leigh hit the nail on the head with that statement. Leif is and will be one of the most unique riders to ride for Hoffman Bikes. His passion for riding the brand and the product is next to none. His influence in Flatland can be seen in great videos like Wheelies, Balancing Act and Until Monkeys Fly, just to name a few. Leif’s contribution to Hoffman Bikes surpasses just riding for […]