December 19, 2015

13 Days – Love Handle Bars

13 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary Mat was going through bars daily and needed something that was indestructible, so late one night back in 1994, welder Shane Kinsley was welding up some some Hoffman products when a design popped into his head. Like a mad scientist, he took some Big Daddy fork legs, seat post and a few other chromoly pieces and started cutting and welding away. After hours of continuous work, he appeared with a new handle bar concept. These bars used larger diameter uprights and crossbars and featured removable grip-ends that could be replaced if bent. Shane welded up a few proto-types for several of the Hoffman riders to test. After some design tweaks and gaining attention with other bmxers, The new Hoffman Bikes handle bar design was named “Love Handles” and added to the Hoffman Bikes production line in the summer of 1995. The Love Handle […]