December 6, 2015

26 Days – Madd Matt Video

26 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary Videos today are much different form videos in the early 90s. Today, almost everyone has access to a video camera of some sort, but in the early 90s, video recorders were expensive and only a handful of BMXers could afford one. In 1994, Mat Hoffman hired Mark Eaton to record and produce the first Hoffman Bikes full length team video. Over the course of nearly a year of recording, Madd Matt was release in mid-1995. Madd Matt became one of the most anticipated team videos. The Hoffman Bikes team at the time featured many of the top BMX riders: Mat Hoffman, Jay Miron, Taj Mihelich, Day Smith, Rick Thorne, Steve Swope, Mark Owen, Dave Brumlow, Rob Sigaty and James White. Magazine Reviews Ride BMX UK: The long-awaited video from the Hoffman boys is finally here. Not only does it feature the burliest team […]