September 1, 2015

Mikey Babbel’s | Got One More In Me

Over the past 2 years Mikey has been battling major back issues. At one point it took him off his bike for over 6 months. Earlier this year Mikey was able to get back on his bike to put together a smashing edit together called “Kicking Off Summer”. Since then Mikey’s been preparing for surgery, which he will undergo lumbar spinal fusion. For most people preparing for surgery would be taking it easy and wait for the day.. Not Mikey, he had to get one more edit out before his Sept 3 surgery date. Here’s Mikey’s pushing through the pain to “Get One More In” done. I think you’ll agree, he’s not holding anything back for this edit. Follow Mikey’s Revovery Progress on Instagram  @mikeybabbel
June 16, 2015

Mikey Babble Kicking Off Summer Edit

Kicking Off Summer Hoffman Bikes Team rider, Mikey Babbel is back on his bike and just completed his “Kicking Off Summer” edit. After months being sidelined due to major back issues, Mikey spent the last month pulling together some clips to complete his “Kicking Off Summer” edit. Great to see Mikey back on his bike so we cans enjoy his stylish skill set. Follow Mikey https://instagram.com/mikeybabbel/ Special shout out to Marty Shields for helping Mikey capturing the clips. Filmed By :Marty Shields https://instagram.com/wbkmarty Song: Trippin’ Like I do Band:The Mystic Braves
April 1, 2015

Bike Check Wednesday with Mikey Babbel

Bike Check Wednesday with Mikey Babbel April is here and what better way to start the month than with Bike Check Wednesday with Mikey Babbel. We caught up with Mikey to ask him a few questions about his move, his bike and how his back injury is doing. Enjoy! What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why? Usually it’s either my pedals or peg sleeves but I tend to go through phases of blowing out my rear hubs. What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in? My back wheel for sure. I can’t stand having a crooked wheel and a loose chain, haha. Last year you moved away from California. Where did you move to? To the beautiful state of Ohio What has been the best part of the move? There’s been ton of […]
December 24, 2014

Hoffman Bikes Mikey Babbel Ohio Night 2 Clip Night

Hoffman Bikes Mikey Babbel Ohio Night 2 Clip Night Hoffman Bikes team rider Mikey Babbel hit up the indoor park in Ohio to get a few clips for upcoming edit. Here are 2 clips from that night. Follow Mikey @mikeybabbel @hoffmanbikes and the team #hoffmanbikes #hoffmanteam   Be sure to subscribe to the Hoffman Bikes Youtube Channel.