December 19, 2014

Mikey Babble Back On His Bike – Hoffman Bikes

Mikey Babble Back On His Bike – Hoffman Bikes After 5 months of bad back problems, Hoffman Bikes rider Mikey Babbel is back on this bike.. To celebrate here are a few clips from Mikey’s “Back On His Bike “ session. Be sure to hit up Mikey Babbel’s team page and be sure to follow Mikey’s Instagram feed.
April 18, 2013

Mikey Babbel Bike Check

  Mikey Babbel just received some new HB parts. Check out his updated ride below. In other Mikey news, he will be hitting the road with sponsor 43 Hardware this weekend. Check out the 43 Hardware site to see which streets spots he will be killing this weekend. Bar- Coalitionjoe Riley bars BB-  Coalition Chain-  43 hardware half link Cranks- Kink Pillar Forks-  Hoffman Bama Frame-  Hoffman Lady Luck 21″ Front hub- Coalition Front rim-  Gsport rollcage Front tire-  Duo stunner Grips-  Coalitionteam grip Headset- Coalitionprototype Pedals-  Odyssey twisted Pegs-  Hoffman 36D x 4 Rear hub- Hoffman generator 9t Rear rim-  Hoffman generator Rear tire-  Odyssey Aitken Seat post-  Coalitioneffigy Seat-  Hoffman black ops fatty Sprocket- Coalition prototype 25t Stem- Coalition prototype/ 43 hardware bolts