May 19, 2015

Morgan Wade’s Double Whip Slam

Morgan Wade’s Double Whip Slam Here is some helmet cam footage from Morgan’s Double Whip Crash at the Kia World Extreme Games Mini Mega Ramp Comp. Oops… So this was a double whip… Popped out a little and didn’t rotate enough… Ended up taking me out of the comp, but I’m glad I walked away! Notice the back rim taco when it hits. Wasn’t knocked out fully, just rang my bell really hard and might have bruised some ribs. Thanks for filming it for me @mitchiebrusco84! Sorry I didn’t put on a better show this time around. You can’t land them all! Haha – Morgan Wade Its official Morgan Wade wins this years “Tough As Nails” Awarded.. Music: A (Man O’ War)” by All Scars Be the first to know, Subscribe to our Youtube Channel.
April 17, 2015

Bikes Over Baghdad Middle East troops BMX Demos

Bikes Over Baghdad Just last week Hoffman Rider Morgan Wade made a trip to Irag for this years Bikes Over Baghdad April 2015 Middle East troops BMX Demos. Here is a video the Chad Degroot put together. Very Cool! April 2015 crew of BMX riders went to the middle east to undisclosed locations in Southwest Asia and Africa to entertain the troops for 15 days. Here is a small sample of what went on, how the troops reacted, how the crew entertained themselves, and bringing BMX to the Middle east in the big sandbox. Follow the B.O.B. crew below: Catfish @catfishvsthug Mykel Larrin @mykellarrin Anthony Napolitan @anthonynapo Drew Dezanson @drewbezanson Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot Chad Kagy @chadkagy Brian Kachinksy @bkachinsky Ron Kimler @livewireconstruction Nate Wessel @wesselbuilt TJ Lavin @tjlavin Morgan Wade @texasmwade Keith Mulligan @mulligan4130 Zach Schauf @zachschauf Christain Schauf @christianschauf @armedforcesent @dkbicycles @texaspetesauces @torquebmx @torque1_net @decobmx #decobmx #bikesoverbaghdad Filmed by: […]
March 25, 2015

Bike Check Wednesday with Morgan Wade

Bike Check Wednesday with Morgan Wade Another hump day which means another Bike Check Wednesday with Morgan Wade. Morgan Wade is known for his GO BIG riding style. May it be, hitting city streets or the Maga Ramp, Morgan Wade’s is GO BIG. When you GO BIG Morgan you need to make sure your bike is equipped with the the best parts possible. Morgan insures that his bike starts with a solid Hoffman Bikes Frame, Fork and Bars foundation. We sent Morgan Wade a few questions to ask about his bike and where his bike has taken him. So, let’s get right to it. enjoy! What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why? Tubes! Haha that one is obvious, but as far as parts go I seem to have broken quite a few seats lately for some reason… What part do you spend the most time on […]
December 6, 2014

Hoffman Instagram by @texasmwade “Flashback…

by @texasmwade "Flashback Friday to RedBull's Framed Reactions in Amsterdam almost two years ago! Fast Plant on the birdhouse. Would have been nice if the course had worked for me in at least one of my runs! Haha it was still a really fun event even though I went and broke a 2x6 with my rib cage! Haha oh the memories!