November 23, 2015

39 Days – Rick Thorne | OG Team

39 Days until Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary Today we celebrate one of the most colorful riders in BMX: Rick Thorne. Rick Thorne was from St. Louis, Mo, and great friends with legend Dennis McCoy. In the summer of 1991, Mat and Rick were doing Sprocket Jockey shows and in the middle of a show Mat said ‘Hey, yo, Thorne – you wanna ride for my new bike company, called Hoffman Bikes?’. The rest was history. Here is a little Q&A with Rick Thorne What stands out to you as innovations from Hoffman Bikes and Mat Hoffman? “Innovate is what Mat has done for the sport since he started riding, I’ve seen him do some of the gnarliest stuff in his old warehouse that only few people got to witness, like a barhop fake completely stretched 6 feet out on vert. Hoffman Bikes has innovated the sport as well with product, bikes, style, design, team, graphics […]