August 27, 2015


Trent McDaniel killed it! Check out the Trent McDaniel DIG X Hoffman Bikes edit. Filmed over the first half of 2015 in and around the streets of Chicago, Trent definitely didn’t hold back. Great job by Andrew Brady behind the lens too.
August 19, 2015

Seth and Trent OKC Split Edit Teaser

Who’s ready for a split edit from Seth Kimbrough and Trent McDaniel? 3 days of OKC spots was enough for these two to create one amazing split edit. Here is teaser 1 of what to expect.
June 10, 2015

Bike Check Wednesday With Trent McDaniel via BmxUnion.com

Bike Check Wednesday We are taking a different approach this week with Bike Check Wednesday. Late last week BmxUnion.com posted up Hoffman Team rider Trent McDaniel Bike Check and Interview. The Interview and Bike Check we felt was work another look or if you missed it all together. Below are a few excerpts from his interview and bike check. Please check out and then head over to BmxUnion.com read the complete article. For full interview and bike check visit BmxUnion.com   It’s been a little while since we have hit up Trent McDaniel to see what was new with him. We caught wind the other day that he was just about to build up a fresh new bike thanks to Hoffman Bikes and Division Brand, so we figured that there was no better time than now to check in with him! Let’s take a closer look at this dialed bike along with a […]
March 18, 2015

Bike Check Wednesday with Trent McDaniel

Bike Check Wednesday with Trent McDaniel Back again with another great Bike Check Wednesday with Trent McDaniel. It has been a long hard winter this year for many of us. Trent lives in Chicago and with the frigid temperatures and massive amounts of snow have kept Trent’s riding to a minimum. Between snow storms and slightly warmer temperatures Trent has been able to hook up with locals like Brian Kachinsky and photographer  Timothy Burkhart to grab some video and photos. Between filming and photo shots we asked Trent several questions and garbed a bike check. enjoy   What is the one part you find yourself having to replace on a regular basis? And why? Tires for sure. Fresh set of tires always makes the whip feel dialed. What part do you spend the most time on to make sure it’s dialed in? Probably my chain tension. Lots of grinding. This has been a hard […]