DOB: 24/04/92
Sponsors: Hoffman Bikes, Vans shoes, Seventies Distro and Rampworx.
Social media:  FB, Twitter

First BMX Memory: Attempting to ride up a flat bank and sliding back down taking 2 skaters with me!
Describe your riding style: Sketchy? Haha
Typical Day: Wake up around 10-11 eat some food then ride to the skatepark teach some younger kids to ride bmx for a couple of hours then ride untill around 10pm.
Dream Day: Wake up somewhere hot at like 10 go eat some breakfast somewhere nice head out riding just after 12 go ride       some stret for a few hours then go to a skatepark or the other way around then just go chill with good mates!
Music choice when riding: I’m not fussed I’ll listen to anything but heavy metal
Music choice when chilling: Rap
Favorite non bmx sport: FMX, purely because how insane it is!
Favorite non bmx activity: I ride everyday so I don’t do much else so I’d say playing x box
Night in or night out on the town: Depends, where? At home chilling, anywhere else night out.
Favorite sites/phone apps: Favourite site would have to be google and phone apps would be echofon.
One random fact about yourself: I used to eat pizza pretty much everyday of my life haha
Favorite thing to ride: A nice 9-10ft quarter
Favorite latest bmx trend: I don’t really keep up with the trends but I’d say 3 pegs.
Favorite Hoffman Product: Gotta be the Lady Luck frame or Black-Ops seat.