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March 7, 2012
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March 10, 2012
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Welcome to the team Daniel Johnson

We have real exciting news for all of our Australia fans.  Please welcome Daniel Johnson to the team.  He will be reppin’ Hoffman through our new distro Kick Ass BMX.  Jeremie wrote a little something on behalf of Daniel.
“I first became acquainted with DJ through recently joining the Division Brand team.  He hit me up with a nice welcome and we hit it off.  When the opportunity came to try and get a new rider in Oz through the new distro I immediately knew DJ would be a rad fit.  A few e-mails later it was a done deal.  Welcome to the team dude!”  -Jeremie

Something else nice is in store for you.  We teamed up with BMX Union for this release.  They have an exclusive of Daniel’s new bike on the site.  Hit it up and check out what DJ is rockin’ from us.

DJ already has an edit in the works but click through to check out his most recent edits for Division Brand and Zoo York.